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trimming table cannabis

Ultra trimmer, I love you! You took 30 days of hell of the trimmers -arguing over who got the bigger buds, feeding them, stealing the pot, etc. I used to have 20 to 30 trimmers daily for 30 days or more. Ultra trimmer made it to where I could hire four people and be done in 4 days! This thing is amazing! I’ve used all of the other trimmers on the market. I’ve rented them, they’ve come to the 502 grow to trim and demonstrate, but they destroy trichomes – this is the only machine that will not destroy trichomes and save my sanity.

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Trimming table cannabis

There are a few different types of these to make trimming easier. The brand that seems to be most popular for trimming cannabis is probably the “Bonsai Hero” electric trimmer, though there are others showing up on the market.

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Once you have all of your gear assembled, move onto the steps below when you feel ready. Keep in mind that this can be a lengthy process depending on how much bud you’ve grown. However, any negative feelings you get from the labor of trimming will be far outweighed by all the bud you’ll be drying soon!

  • Appearance – In magazines, at the dispensary and in pictures online nearly all the buds you’ll see are completely manicured, or at least somewhat trimmed. This is the appearance we’ve come to associate with “good weed” and so untrimmed buds may look less appealing to some people.
  • Harshness – leaves can be more “harsh” on your throat/lungs than flowers when smoking cannabis, so trimming off extra leaf matter can improve the “smoothness” of your buds when smoking.
  • THC Concentration – the sugar leaves on your buds inherently have a lower concentration of THC than bud (even trichome-encrusted ones!), which means that you’re getting less THC gram-for-gram than with bud.

Of course, you can use anything to keep your separate piles in, but cookie sheets have worked really well for me! Baking sheets work nicely and are cheap, but honestly, any non-absorbent flat surface will work. I like cookie sheets and other wide cooking pans because they have a lip around the edges to help keep everything contained!
You should be left with a branch with trimmed bud on it. Now that you’ve got the hang of it, repeat this process on the remainder of the branches on your cannabis plant!
These will be used to actually cut down single branches as you harvest colas to be trimmed.

This is what buds look like after the fan leaves have been removed

Learn how to trim your buds so they look like the ones at a dispensary!