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transplanting marijuana plant

Transplanting marijuana plant

It should be noted that a transplant causes the plant to stress. It is normal for the marijuana plants to not give signs of growth for a few days, but if you have been careful, you soon will notice the positive effects of the transplant and the plants will thank you.

Preparation of the substrate to transplant the cannabis plant
Now you only need to water the plant and wait a few days until it gets its vigour back as a result of the new space that we made available for the roots’ growth. It is advisable to use root stimulator in the first irrigations.

Transplanting is not a difficult job, but it does require certain skills and care so that the damage to your plant roots is as little as possible. A good transplant is related to the degree of stress and recovery time needed for the plant to re-grow normally.
First of all, we should note that autoflowering marijuana plants are an exception, and we recommend a single final transplant in their cultivation. For more information about this, we recommend that you read the post about growing autoflowering marijuana.
Early Maroc during the transplant
We will show you in pictures how we think it is the correct way of transplanting plants so that they suffer the least stress:
Early Maroc before repotting

Usually, you should do the first transplant into a relatively small container, although this depends on your needs and your cultivation method but containers of between 0.5 and 3 litres are the most commonly used in the first phase of growth.

How to transplant marijuana plants Usually, throughout the life of our marijuana plants, at some point we will have to transplant our plants to a container or larger pot, usually more than once.