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top yielding strains

The mixture of award-winning Amnesia Haze and Azura Haze strains makes this highest CBD strain 2019 a super hit!

All the commercial growers go after the cash crops , i.e., the Highest Yielding Strains.
The after effects of this strain will be long lasting and will delay your sleep as well.

Named and crossed after the two most famous marijuana strain Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies , this is one of the highest yielding strains for indoors and outdoors growing.
We all love to get high productivity from our marijuana plants, right? We know that a lot of the marijuana growers out there are looking for the highest yielding strains right now, so we decided to give you the holy grail of the extremely yielding cannabis seeds.
It is easy to grow this strain into a full-fledged plant with a lot of resin loaded buds which will give out nearly 550 grams’ worth of produce in a single season.
The flavor that you’re getting from this weed strain is really great, considering that both the parents of this strain tasted heavenly as well.
At the end of the day, the Big bud will give you relaxation and soothing until you doze off in your bed.

If you are a first-time grower and want a good yielding strain, then this is one of the most ideal choices for you!

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Top yielding strains

Early training goes a long way toward controlling mature plant height, which can exceed 2m indoors and possibly 3m+ outdoors in a hot dry climate. Yields can be incredibly high in just 8-9 weeks of flowering. These baseball bat buds will launch your head into outer space before gently taking you to dreamland.

This beautiful purple producer is a blend of pedigree Chemdawg and pre-98 Bubba Kush genetics. Purple Chem is or rather was the best-kept secret of pro growers. Few strains can match Purple Chems devastating combination of killer looks, fire potency and massive yields. Indoors a ScrOG is recommended to organise the dank field of lush lavender colas and keep height under 2m. 500-700g/m² of dank purple Couchlocking stash is the reward.
As usual, we have saved something special for our final pick of heavyweight cannabis strains. We don’t do filler folks it’s all killer strains from the first to the last. Without further ado, our final pick for this the top 10 high yielding cannabis strain countdown is a rare monstrous cannabeast from the US called Purple Chem.

Industrial Plant is probably the highest yielding version of the legendary Northern Lights. Bred from Afghani and Thai parents this particular incarnation of Northern Lights was developed for maximum yield. Industrial Plant is a classic old school spicy peppery chill out smoke. Not devastatingly potent more of a relaxing happy buzz.
Many strains are described as a “monster” this one is the real deal. Monster is a cross of G13 Hashplant and an exotic South American mostly sativa hybrid. This space hungry beast is a huge producer of high-grade head stash. Reminiscent of old school uplifting skunks with a pleasant euphoric effect and powerful odour.
Flowering is fast and furious with a heavy harvest ready in about 50-60 days. Plants resemble Critical in structure keeping a low profile, branching well and developing a huge main cola. The Kush genetics give buds a dense frosty attractive appearance and a powerful sedative effect.THC can exceed 20%+ making Critical Kush a genuine case of a strain that requires more experience to toke than grow.
Big Bud is the original Green Bud Machine. The modern representation has been backcrossed to her original Afghan roots to further refine the classic Afghan and Skunk #1 blend. Vintage earthy hash and skunk aroma combined with an expansive full bodied flavour give these oversized buds genuine character. Delivering a relaxed body stoned effect. Very chill smoke.
Monster is very attractive to indoor and outdoor growers as she is a proven enormous producer of mold resistant bud. Unfortunately Monster will require plenty of hands on attention to deliver the heaviest harvest. Indoors a ScrOG is a virtual necessity to tame and support those Monster colas.

Sweet Moby is a marijuana leviathan. This sticky green giant is a beastly mix of Haze and White Widow genetics. A two stage head-body effect is to be expected. Initially, a clear cerebral buzz takes you up. Followed by a calming physical wave. A mix of earthy, pine and wood scents will perfume the air when you blaze this chunky resinous stash. Sweet Moby is a smooth smoke and a real mood booster.

Every cannabis strain featured in this top 10 countdown of heavy yielders could potentially bring you the biggest harvest of your life.