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top sativa strains 2016

Acapulco Gold – Another amazingly well-bred sativa strain, Acapulco Gold is notorious for its extremely high THC content of almost 24%. It is a strong strain, developed in South and Central America, which has grown to huge proportions. It is a beautiful blend of gold, green, brown and orange flecks, giving it its name. It has a lightly sweet, earthy flavor with a thick pungent punch. If you have never tried this one before, make sure you get your hands on some quickly, as growers are tending toward more complex hybrid varieties and moving away from this old purebred standard.

Durban Poison – Durban Poison is another high-in-THC-content strain falling in the 16-25% range. It brings out an earthy pine profile that has just a touch of sweetness right in the middle. This is an energy inducing, uplifting strain that is all sativa. Known for its ridiculously large resin glands and thick buds, it is a big favorite among people who want pain relief and motivation, and for people who enjoy the by-products of extracted concentrates. This is definitely one of the easiest and fastest growing plants, which has had a large impact on its popularity among new growers.
Sweet Island Skunk – This is a high-yield variety that is best characterized by its CBD content over THC. Useful for treating pain and other physical ailments, it is both strong and just a little bit sweet. The plant itself grows very tall and produces light buds that are bright orange and yellow with a citrusy, grapefruit note. It’s like a tropical skunk combination that is perfect for someone who doesn’t like the typical woody flavors of most sativa strains. It has become a favorite among cannabis-friendly doctors whose patients need pain management assistance to get through the day.

In fact, many new cannabis supporters have come around since they have seen the effects of sativa strains that are truly productive and beneficial for medical and mental health purposes. Even among hybrid strains, there are many sativa-leaning options that are aimed at producing a strong all-over effect with just a touch of mental high to help you sit back and relax.
Lamb’s Bread – Lamb’s Bread is also known as Lamb’s Breath in some places. It is a woody, sticky strain that is known mostly for its stress relieving properties. It works quickly and efficiently to boost your mood and help you overcome mental hurdles. It rates nearly equally for both its euphoric and uplifting properties. Producing between 19-25% THC, this one is consistently stronger than some of the other sativa varieties when it is left to grow outdoors in naturally hot and dry climates. Indoor potted varieties are slightly less potent and, generally, don’t grow as well. However, it has earned notoriety from some celebrity endorsements in the past.
Interest in growing high yield THC plants continues to escalate as sativa plants prove to be very resilient in natural outdoor conditions. Here are five of our favorite sativa strains that we recommend you try in 2016:
Harlequin – If there is one thing that resoundingly describes Harlequin, it is the fact that it is an extremely reliable strain. Offering an incredible 5:2 ration of CBD to THC, this strain is very effective at treating pain and anxiety symptoms with very little of the typical side effects of indica varieties. It is a prime choice for someone who wants relief, but also wants to remain alert and aware. It can be relaxing without also being draining or tiresome. It has a hearty, earthy flavor with just a little hint of spice to keep you going. This particular strain has set a bar for the medical marijuana industry when it comes to proving that cannabis is about more than just getting high.
Sativa dominant strains of cannabis are popular among people who need pain relief without the heavy mental effects of indica strain options. There are currently a number of strong sativa blends available with a wide range of flavor profiles to meet any user’s desires.

Sativa dominant strains continue to earn a reputation for their high quality and full flavors, backed up by their stress and pain relieving attributes. They are more geared toward producing a consistent body high that still allows you to function and get things done.

Sativa dominant strains of cannabis are popular among people who need pain relief without the heavy mental effects of indica strain options.

Top sativa strains 2016

Speedy Chile

Pineapple Kush
Choosing the right cannabis seeds is one of the most important parts of any grow. So here is a list of some of our favourites for 2016, giving you a varied selection to choose from!

Medical Mass
Our very own take on the illustrious AK-47, Royal AK is one of the most potent and easy to grow strains in the Royal Queen Seeds catalogue, also making her one of the most popular. Well known for her thick layer of resin, this beauty produces some very sticky, pungent, and ultimately relaxing bud. Royal AK is known as a one-hit wonder, and for good reason. Her potency means even the most seasoned veterans can be taken aback by her strength. Although she is a hybrid, Royal AK’s indica side comes through think and fast, easing both mind and body into relaxation. Indoors, Royal AK will reach a maximum height of 140cm, flowering in 8-9 weeks and producing up to 575g/m². Outdoors, Royal AK gets a little bigger, hitting heights of up to 170cm and producing a yield in the region of 650g/plant.
A crossing of Early Skunk x Chile Indica, Speedy Chile is all about lightning-quick turnarounds that can rival even the fastest autoflowering strain. It gives growers who want to stick to the regular photoperiod way of growing a strain that can yield results just as quickly as if they had made a switch to autoflowering strains. Being indica dominant, Speedy Chile induces a smooth and relaxing body stone. When grown, she flowers in just 6 weeks, yet despite this rapid flowering time, is able to produce up to 535g/m² indoors, or 500g/plant outdoors. She is the ideal strain for those looking to keep their stash topped up on a very regular basis!
By combining a classic Haze with both Northern Light and Skunk, we have produced an award-winning variation of a world-famous strain. Shining Silver Haze encapsulates everything loved about Haze strains, but adds a twist with its unique high and short flowering times. She induces a cerebral high the likes of which is seen with few other strain, offering sheer potency and euphoria to the point it borders on psychedelic. Despite Shining Silver Haze’s sativa dominance, she doesn’t actually grow that tall in the grow room, reaching up to 1m on average. This combines with a flowering time of 9-10 weeks (fast for a Haze), and can produce up to 450g/m² indoors. Without a doubt, she is a timeless strain worthy of any sativa lover.
Royal Moby is an award winning cannabis strain that lives up to her name when it comes to production. Just like the fabled Leviathan, this plant is big! Able to reach up to 1.5m indoors and 3m outdoors, you can rest assured that she has the infrastructure to really churn out the bud. And what bud! Royal Moby is one of the strongest strain we sell, inducing a very potent and uplifting experience. Expect euphoria and happiness to follow her use. Her biggest yields can reach quantities of 700g/plant dried after 9-10 weeks flowering. Quite the beast!

Royal AK

Here at Royal Queen Seeds we have many cannabis seeds to offer. Here are some of our favourite for 2016!