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top cannabis plant

Top cannabis plant

A single plant can get topped a number of times, each time creating more branches and making the plant’s shape bushier.

Both techniques are simple and easy to perform and will make a big difference in your final yield.
Topping is the tried-and-true method preferred by outdoor and large commercial farmers. Many growers will often top a plant multiple times to get a large bushy structure. Topped plants are more stable and have a stronger branch structure and require less support than plants trained with fimming.

In time, these side branches can also get topped, which will created more side branches and make the plant bush out even more. Doing this will also create more bud sites on branches and therefore increase your yields.
Topping or fimming a cannabis plant is a high-stress training (HST) method that works best when the plant is developed and can withstand a drastic change.
Topping is a technique in horticulture in which you cut off the top part of a plant to halt its upward growth in order to promote lateral growth in the lower branches.
We’ll dive into topping, as well as a similar plant training technique popularly called “fimming” or “FIMing” (short for “f**k I missed,” if you’re wondering), something that started as an accident but is also useful in the right circumstances.
With one vertical stalk, the main cola will get a lot of light, but the lower branches will get shaded out by the main cola, producing larfy buds.

Topping makes a cannabis plant bushier—by cutting off the main stalk, the plant will redirect its energies to the smaller side branches, which will grow out.

Topping your cannabis plants is essential for promoting quality growth. Read about why it’s so important and learn how to top or FIM your plants.

Top cannabis plant

Before topping your plant, you’ll need to gather either pruning scissors or a razor blade that has been sterilised with rubbing alcohol to minimise the chances of infecting your plant. You can also use your hands to top. We’ll discuss this matter next.

There are two schools of thought concerning the appropriate time to top cannabis plants. Old school growers are generally inclined to be more patient. While Millennials prefer to top right away. Waiting a month or more before commencing pruning is far too long for some.
We have yet to encounter the weed that didn’t produce more buds when topped. Give topping a try whatever cannabis strain you happen to be cropping. Do the math. More shoots equals more flowers.

Some growers choose to continue the topping process to further enhance yields. If it’s your first time topping, then it’s best to stop after the first cut and wait for results. More experienced growers can make further cuts on each branch just above the second or third nodes for even bushier plants. Most growers allow 1-2 weeks recovery time before repeating the process to further enhance cola development
Topping is a technique that cannabis growers use to boost the yields of their crops. The process of topping cannabis plants is relatively simple and uncomplicated. It involves cutting off the top part of a plant during the vegetative phase to encourage it to grow more laterally. Cutting off part of your plant might seem like an odd thing to do, but in the long-run, this works to produce large yields of great quality.
Overall the benefits of topping marijuana far outweigh the potential pitfalls. Topping cannabis plants in a perfectly dialled-in grow-op shouldn’t present any problems. It is oft espoused that certain unnamed cannabis strains respond poorly to topping.
Cannabis plants are very bendy and pliable during vegetative growth. But the longer they remain in the vegetative phase the thicker stems and shoots become. After 6 weeks growing most strains have matured enough to necessitate the use of scissors for pruning. Pinching is most effective when applied early.
Next, make the cut just above the 5th node. After a few days, you’ll notice two new stalks emerge from this site. Over the following weeks, these stems will gain some serious girth and become stalks in their own right.

By the end of this easy topping guide, you will at least be confident enough to test top a few plants in the cannabis garden. It’s always best to experiment with one or two plants before totally committing an entire weed crop. And don’t panic if you happen to make a meal of topping. We’ve got you covered with grow guides for both LST and FIM techniques to rescue the situation.

How To Top Your Cannabis Plants Topping is a technique that cannabis growers use to boost the yields of their crops. The process of topping cannabis plants is relatively simple and