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top 10 hybrid strains

Alpine Star takes around 63 to 77 days to flower. It’s an easy strain to grow and has good resistance levels.

Pineapple Express is a high-quality autoflower cannabis strain. They originated from the crossing of Skunk X Hawaii X Trainwreck X Ruderalis and this type of weed has predominantly Sativa genetics.
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Sour Diesel has a wonderfully overwhelming diesel flavour with hints of red grapefruit. It’s impossible not to fall in love with it?
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The effect of smoking this weed is a sensational, uninhibited and relaxed feeling. It also reportedly has aphrodisiacal properties. Pineapple Express cannabis also has a medicinal effect that helps people with anxiety, stress and chronic pain. The taste of this weed is a delicious tropical mix of strawberry and sweet pineapple that the connoisseur will certainly appreciate. These autoflower weed seeds will enable everyone to grow a delicious weed with a high THC and an average CBD percentage.
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The taste of Super Glue is pine and earthy with sour and caramel undernotes. It has a stimulating aroma – you’re guaranteed to be heading back for more.

ACDC is the newest strain of CBD-rich cannabis plants and has many similarities with Cannatonic, which is not surprising because ACDC was developed by crossing a plant of the Cannatonic variety with an automatically flowering plant, thus making ACDC an ‘autoflower’. These plants can be safely predicted to flower after a certain number of weeks. The flowering of other types of cannabis is determined by other factors such as the number of hours of sunshine.

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Top 10 hybrid strains

The high is a pleasantly cerebral one. That said, this baby has won medical prizes too for fast relief. With a 22% THC concentration, that is not surprising. But these stretch from the mid-nineties and Cannabis Cup fame. This is a very popular strain. More recent awards include the El Punto Cup in 2005 and at the Highlife Cup in Amsterdam in 2013.

This 60% sativa dominant hybrid is a mix of Power Plant and White Widow. With a THC level of 20%, its intense cerebral highs are just one element of American Pie’s popularity. The plant has a large, compact flower that produces resinous crystals. Plants reach full maturity between 65-75 days. Harvests can also be very rewarding. Plants can bring home up to 550 grams a square meter.
Due to its heavy indica influences, this is a popular strain with medical users, particularly those suffering from insomnia or nausea. It is 85% indica and as such is an ideal plant to unwind to or relieve pain.

Despite its vicious name, smoking this strain is actually a trip into mellowness. This is a cross between Super Skunk and White Widow. The end result? A feminised, indica-dominant strain that is also very easy to grow. This is also a very vigorous plant. Buds are thick, compact and resinous. This plant also performs well either in or outdoors.
This cross between a Haze and a White Widow has created a truly well-rounded hybrid. Moby Dick has fast become an international star because of its great genetics. This is a fast-growing, large yield, potent contender. Indoors, this plant can generate about 180 grams per plant. When grown outdoors, this baby will deliver even more. 230 grams per plant is not uncommon.
Growing is also straightforward. This is a good candidate for ScrOG growing and pruning methods. When grown outdoors, the best time for harvest is in the middle of October.
Moby Dick’s aroma is flowery and fresh, with hints of lemon and exotic woods. Its powerful high will infiltrate your brain and body with a strong and pleasant stone.
Growing this feminized hybrid has been described as creating an environment of being in an Asian garden. Beyond its aesthetics, this plant is easy to grow. It also produces hefty buds quickly. Grown indoors, the plant can reap up to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoors it remains a compact plant.

The aroma and scent are reminiscent of lemony flowers.

White Widow is one of the most popular strains of all time. Mixed with other cannabis strains, you create new varieties. Check out our Top 10!