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tolerance breaks

Some people taking a tolerance holiday may show symptoms of irritability, moodiness of other signs of withdrawal. Have you ever been around someone who quit smoking tobacco? It’s similar to that, but usually less severe. And remember: The reason you are taking the T-break is to keep your mind and body in balance.

It’s time for a little spring cleaning. We’re not talking about cleaning out your junk drawers or purging your storage area of useless knickknacks, although now is a fine time to do those chores. It may be time to give your brain a cleanse by taking a cannabis tolerance break.
Think of it as giving your receptors a chance to recuperate. Why overtax them?

It’s your body and it’s your brain. Listen to what they are saying to you. But most experienced consumers will tell you that your relationship with the herb will benefit from a break.
If you spark one up multiple times a day, you opt to limit it to just at the end of the evening. Or if you use it as a sleep aid, consider opting for melatonin for a few weeks as a replacement.
This is a bit tricky. If you are using cannabis as medicine, it is smart to consult with the physician who recommended it. If you are currently using it as an aid in chemotherapy, PTSD, pain relief or any other serious ailment, it is paramount that you balance the desire to medicate with the desire to lower your tolerance.
Once again, everybody is different. But taking a break for one or two days just won’t cut it. Most experienced T-breakers will tell you that two weeks is a wise minimum. A month is preferred. If you seriously give it up for the entire Lenten season (40+ days), your receptors will certainly be well rested.
The best advice is to stay active. Go for long walks or to the gym. Releasing endorphins may assist in preventing or lessening the negative effects.

This method certainly will help, but your receptors are still being activated on a semi-regular basis. Many marijuana enthusiasts prefer this halfway approach and it works for some.

Let's call it spring cleaning for your brain

Tolerance breaks serve a purpose in two scenarios. In one case, they can be self-imposed. The other may be out of one’s control and instead be a necessity for the moment – such as a Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Others offered similar sentiments in regards to the non-psychoactive benefits of the cannabinoid. In several cases, consumers self-reported feeling calmer, while others say CBD helped when desires to consume THC came on.
Acknowledging that a break is trying on the individual, the guide aims to help people push through the adversity of a cannabis pause so they can re-evaluate themselves. Each week focuses on a theme with daily practices. The first week centers on the physical, ranging from preparation to our routines. The second week delves into the emotional, ranging from withdrawal to a person’s creativity. Lastly, the final week explores spiritual and existential themes, from crediting yourself, not the substance, to what comes after the break is completed.

Some point towards science in the plant and our bodies. They point out that CBD lacks the psychoactive effects of THC, noting that CBD does not bind to the same receptors as THC. Not only does that mean CBD won’t get you high, consuming it shouldn’t disrupt the re-sensitizing process undertaken by a tolerance break.
While consuming CBD seems to have its supporters, some caution that full spectrum and distillate products can still contain trace amounts of THC. If a person wants to altogether avoid THC when consuming, they might want to look into an isolate for pure CBD or a distillate that is void of any THC traces.
The rise of CBD is the cannabis community inevitably found its ways into the tolerance break discussion as well. While not a hot topic of discussion in comparison to other subjects with the cannabis community online, some have weighed in on the matter. In most cases, they suggest that CBD is adequate, if not recommended, during a break.
All in all, finding your ideal tolerance break duration might take a little trial and error. Once you dial it in however, you should see noticeable results and feel stronger effects from your normal cannabis consumption habits.
Monday March 16, 2020

There are numerous tips and tricks to succeeding with a tolerance break. Depending on who you ask, you may find yourself taking up new activities. Often, you are recommended to toss your stash. Some might suggest discussing your break with your cannabis community so no one will tempt you.

Considering taking a tolerance break from cannabis? Learn more about how long a proper marijuana tolerance break should be, as well as helpful tips to guide you through the process.