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toilet paper roll steamroller

Now, just fill the bowl with cannabis, spark it up and smoke away. Tinfoil pipes are simple and quick to make; great for those real emergencies.

The first thing to do is to cut the bottom 2 inches of the 1-liter bottle. Two inches is important; too much and you’ll have no room for the smoke.
Ok, you’ve left your rolling papers at home; you’re not the first person to be in that situation and you sure won’t be the last. Every seasoned weed smoker has been there; gasping for a puff and then suddenly realizing that they’ve left their papers in their aunt’s bathroom after a sneaky covert sesh. Disaster!

One place you may not have considered getting help is from the pages of the Bible. No, I don’t mean giving up the weed and getting religious; I mean rolling your weed in the actual pages of the Bible.
Light the cannabis and lift the bottle as the smoke fills it. When you’re ready to smoke, remove the tinfoil bowl and depress the bottle as you inhale. Phew, got it?
It only takes a few minutes to make one of these healthy, natural alternatives. All you need to get started is the following:
An easier, but not exactly an emergency substitute, is the Presto Pipe. It’s a gadget that allows you to turn any can or bottle into a cannabis steamroller. Wow, if you’re organized enough to have one of these little babies, you’re probably not the type of person that leaves the rolling papers lying around to get lost.
This beloved alternative to papers has been saving the day for decades. All you need to make a water gravity pipe, you will find lying around your home somewhere. Here’s the list:

Once empty, put your own weed in there. Take care at this stage as it is easy to tear the paper. To get the full flavour of your cannabis, we recommend that you remove the filter. Seal the end of the cigarette by twisting it to avoid swallowing the new contents.

Alternatives to smoking weed with rolling papers can be fashioned from a whole range of everyday household items and fresh produce.