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the strain the assassin

The strain the assassin
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It’s going to be a long week as we wait to see if Dutch will survive her time with Eichorst but at least this week we had a tense episode to keep us happy.
As for Dutch and Eph, they were arrested and taken into police custody until a horde of vamps attacked. Dutch was already removed from the cell when the entire station was slaughtered. Eph would have been chopped liver if not for the timely arrival of Fet and Nora. As for Dutch, oh poor Dutch, our little poly amorous princess was in the clutches of Eichorst. Oh, that’s just not good at all.
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Just about all our cast was covered this week (except, no Gus, no Quinlan and no Angel de Plata boooooo), as Eph tried to execute his plan in taking out Eldritch Palmer while Setrakian continued his hunt for the Oxido Lumen, the ancient book that could be the key in taking down The Master. Both plans failed, and Eph’s plan caused a shit storm of trouble for our favorite team of vampire hunters.
Where were Setrakian and the rest of our cast? They were still trying to find the Oxido Lumen. Fet and Nora accompanied the good professor on his quest around the five boroughs until Fet got wind of Dutch’s arrest. Fet went to try to save the day and Setrakian continued his search. A search which brought him to a small home where he found the book that everyone has been breathlessly waiting to see! The Winds Of Winter by George R.R Martin!! OMG, what’s going to happen to KHALEESI.
The heroes’ victory is short-lived as Eph shows a killer side. Here is our review of The Strain season 2 episode 10.
Palmer has his own problems with Coco. You know, the subplot that never ends? Yeah, it continued. Palmer went to beg Coco to come back to work because Mrs. Drummond misses his sexy French Mrs. Garrett (ugh, I think I just unintentionally wrote slash fiction.)Coco reluctantly agreed and accompanied Palmer to the meeting with Feraldo. I think you see where this is going. Of course, Eph was perched high on a rooftop and took his shot. The whole thing was a rather gripping scene that reminded one more of a Bourne movie than it did of a vampire drama, but there you have it. With one bullet, Eph almost ended the world’s most endless subplot because the shot hit Coco instead of Palmer.
Last week, we saw the people of New York stand up and defeat Eichorst’s horde in the Battle for Red Hook, but this week, our heroes’ victory was short lived as all plans went awry on another gripping episode of The Strain.
The heroes' victory is short-lived as Eph shows a killer side. Here is our review of The Strain season 2 episode 10.
Would that make her the new Fitzwilliam (Roger R. Cross)? My knee-jerk reaction: Poor substitute! I’m still really hacked off that he’s gone. Fitzwilliam.
Palmer is so broken up about Coco’s life-threatening injury that he summons the Master, via a message/demand through a visibly unsympathetic Eichhorst (the always masterful Richard Sammel).
Say, wait a minute, is Coco Marchand a vampire now?
Mayor Lyle (Ron Canada), on the other hand, can’t quite stomach her bleed-the-billionaires concept and lets her know he’s plenty upset about it. She scoffs. Then she threatens to take her conquering army back to Brooklyn if the Richie Riches don’t pay for their vampire eradication services, dubbed the “Safe Streets Initiative.” Hmmmm, how will this play out?
End of aside and beginning of the nitty gritty of “The Assassin,” which sees tough-talking city councilwoman Justine Feraldo (Samantha Mathis) trying to tax the rich — scandalous! — Eph landing in the slammer and Setrakian finding and seemingly losing (!) the Occido Lumen.
The Master is notoriously stingy with Palmer, and this is no exception. He’s stringing his erstwhile partner along, giving him just enough encouragement to keep the bank open.
It may as well have been called “The Would-Be Assassin” or “The Inept Assassin,” because Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) still hasn’t learned how to use that sniper’s rifle. Have another drink, Eph, it might help your aim.
They do some surveillance on Stoneheart, easily find out where Palmer will make an afternoon public appearance and rush to get in place for the kill. Except that Eph is not a marksman by any stretch, and he ends up shooting Coco instead of Palmer.
When Nora and Fet come to his rescue, they threaten a Stoneheart-lackey cop to find out Dutch’s whereabouts. Will they be able to save her, or will she end up as Eichhorst’s lunch? Three more episodes to find out, fans.
Say, wait a minute, is Coco Marchand a vampire now? Definitely not, fans of “The Strain.”