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the single seed

The single seed

Old or immature seeds, led than 50 percent germed. A few that germed didnt even attempt to grow.I got replacements for a couple once and they were bad also.

Dont know what happened to the website its just gone so I dont know what I was sent had to order from some other places Im hoping that I did get what I ordered 90% popped .NHj
My Wife found and i found about this site from a friend we proceeded to make an order we paid for the order with bitcoin but for whatever reason the order was canceled we havent received our money back yet

Ordered two seeds, They aravied white and dead with no free seeds as stated. Also my card got hacked by someone in Korea the moment I made my purchase. Feeling ripped off!
I always use the discreet shipping option and the 3 orders I placed were perfect and arrived within 2 weeks
I received a wrong item and I need to correct it. I ordered from worldwide marijuana seeds but I cant get that website to work. If you are affiliated please contact me at [email protected]
I order 6 different strains they didnt miss up my order it came a little over 2 weeks had no issues with the seeds and got my freebies I recommend it
60% germination. received a lot of green or tiny dried up hard seeds. now the website is off the map. nothing and nowhere. WTF?

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The Single Seed Center Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 54 user reviews. SeedFinder Info The Single Seed Center is listed as “green” at the