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the most powerful form of cannabis is

The most powerful form of cannabis is

The Elvis Cookie from the Venice Cookie Company boasts a whopping 1,000 milligrams of THC per cookie! Just one bite and you’ll be blasted to the moon for hours on end. The number of bowls you would need to smoke to compete with this cookie is dumbfoundingly improbable, which is why edibles take the cake in potency versus flowers, but is there anything more powerful than edibles?

While it’s fairly well known that smoking “traditional” cannabis flowers is not the most efficient means of getting THC-baked, growers are pushing the limits on what was previously thought impossible to achieve.
The Elvis Cookie (VCC Brands photo)

If smoking isn’t your thing, perhaps the next tier up on the THC ladder are edibles. When it comes to consuming edibles, sage advice to those new to cannabis is to eat no more than 10 milligrams to start and after an hour, take another 10. As the polar opposite of a newbie, I usually start with 40-50 mg and promptly lose about 3-4 hours of time before realizing what happened.
It’s not uncommon to find gorgeous nuggets breaching 25-28% THC in your local dispensary, but a few of the big boys are now pushing 35%. Take Nova OG from Manali West, for example. This high-end designer bud from California tested at a mind-stomping 35.6 percent THC. Similarly, another 30-percenter offspring of OG Kush and Banana (known as Chiquita Banana) has reached 33.5 percent THC and tastes like sweet, tropical bananas.
This post was originally published on June 13, 2017, it was updated on October 3, 2017.
Edibles generally range from 5-10 mg per dose at the low end in gummies, brownies, pills, you name it and promptly go up from there. But what if I told you that Elvis is alive and well- and apparently in cookie form?
Technically speaking, THC-A “live crystals” top the charts at 99.9% pure extracted THC. However, there is no plant matter and thus no terpenes so you don’t get all the flavor and aroma of other extraction methods and thus- less potency.

Simply put- yes. “Terp juice” is hands-down my personal vote for most potent and enjoyable concentrate on the market due to its rich terpene and phytocannabinoid infusion that make it so flavorful and effective for a variety of body and mind feels. Though its THC content is nowhere near that of the current king “live crystals”, one would argue that potency is not based on THC content alone.

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