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the marijuana bible

The marijuana bible

(Most of us are limited by our local climates; but if you’re struggling to decide whether to pursue an indoor or outdoor operation, you’ll find this section helpful.)

The next few chapters deal with selecting, germinating, and propagating cannabis seeds. (Some growers prefer to start with seeds, instead of clones, because you’re less likely to contaminate your pristine new grow with any pests or diseases from someone else’s garden.)
In Chapters 6-11, you’ll learn the secrets of successfully growing cannabis indoors (in both soil and hydroponic set-ups), as well as outdoor cultivation.

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(There’s a reason high-end marijuana growers around the world swear by this legendary marijuana grow book!)
The final chapters provide helpful information on what to do after your bud is harvested, dried, trimmed, and expertly cured. Want to make hash? What about some edibles?
The Cannabis Grow Bible is your definitive guide to growing marijuana. The Grow Bible covers everything you need to know to grow beautiful, top-shelf cannabis — even if you’re just starting out.

Is The Cannabis Grow Bible still relevant today? Yes! Despite the wealth of information available online, marijuana growers need to have an authoritative source of information — one with proven results.

The Cannabis Grow Bible is a classic. But other marijuana grow books have a lot to offer, too. Discover the best books on growing weed — and why you need one.