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the grinder necklace

Vetements, a French brand that offers $980 T-shirts, is once again trolling the masses with a new $750 silver weed grinder necklace. Natch.

\”[The industry] needs to be brought out into the sunshine. If we do our policies right, we will make life much easier for people who are trying to do it right and be good business people, good citizens,\” she said. \”That’s been my goal all along: to have a viable, successful industry that will eventually become a traded sector industry.\”
\”But it was a very far dream for us, my parents were both very conservative. [Getting into cannabis] was a very hard decision to make.\”

She said she’s now working on fighting prohibition at the national level \”to protect the rights of women and families stuck in the gray areas created by legislative changes across the country.\””,”credit”:”Madeline Martinez”,”creditUrl”:””,”source”:””,”thumbnail”:<"url":<"fileName":"56005e981c00002500082af7.jpeg","type":"hectorUrl">,”credit”:”Madeline Martinez”,”width”:620,”height”:465>,”title”:”Madeline Martinez”,”type”:”image”,”meta”:null,”summary”:null,”badge”:null>,”provider”:null>,<"embedData":<"type":"hector","url":"","queryParams":<>,”width”:882,”height”:588,”credit”:”Andi Bixel”>,”type”:”image”,”common”:<"id":"56006509e4b00310edf82199","caption":"There's nothing intimidating about weed ice cream! \"Going into the industry I never thought I'd wear as many hats as I do, but the more I get to meet these women and hear their stories, the more I want to make a difference. Women are creating a path for others to follow in this industry, and we've done it right so far.\"","credit":"Ashley Preece-Sackett","creditUrl":"","source":"","thumbnail":<"url":<"fileName":"56005e981c00002d007578cf.png","type":"hectorUrl">,”credit”:”Ashley Preece-Sackett”,”width”:640,”height”:640>,”title”:”Ashley Preece-Sackett”,”type”:”image”,”meta”:null,”summary”:null,”badge”:null>,”provider”:null>,<"embedData":<"type":"hector","url":"","queryParams":<>,”width”:600,”height”:400,”credit”:”Genny Kiley”>,”type”:”image”,”common”:<"id":"56005e99e4b08820d919add5","caption":"Genny Kiley practiced law for nearly 10 years at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, one of Oregon's largest firms, covering business transactions. \"Many law firms were and still are understandably hesitant to enter the cannabis space,\" she said. \"It became clear that the industry’s need for legal services was much greater than a big firm would be comfortable with providing anytime soon.\" For the more frugal pot enthusiast, might we suggest the wide range of cute, previously available accessories that won’t cost this near a month’s rent? These $10 rolling papers that double as oil blotters or this $16 Sailor Moon-inspired grinder come to mind. She left her company in 2014 to start Emerge Law Group, a full-service firm that represents marijuana businesses with accounting professionals and criminal and compliance attorneys. Indeed, marijuana companies still struggle to find banks that will hold their green due to vague federal guidelines. Kiley helps those business owners figure out where to put their earnings. Working overseas between 2001 and 2014, Fryklund said she saw governmental corruption stemming from the U.S. war on drugs, so she came back to join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of current and former law enforcement workers who support drug regulation instead of prohibition. Put your money where your weed is.