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the good shit

The good shit

If a to-do list doesn’t seem like it “counts” as a journal/diary, consider that this is actually very much what diaries looked like until the late nineteenth century. It was only fairly recently that the more “I” centric, “here are all my thoughts and feelings” diaries became the predominant way we conceptualize diaries. Historical diaries actually looked a lot like dot journals, format-wise. (Also consider the fact that “diary” is the word Brits use for what most of us in the U.S. would call an agenda or planner.)

Stay Sane, Stay Safe.
Cool PSAs from artists around the world that you can download or just browse.
We’ve been roasting potatoes, using a combination of this NYT Cooking recipe and this one from Smitten Kitchen; they are great with eggs, bacon, and veggies, or with roasted vegetables and Aidells sausages. I’m also loving pickled onions on everything (see also: Sauce Theory).

Promoting a new book right now is uhhhhh….pretty weird, and I don’t know exactly what the market is going to be like in May and beyond. I really appreciate pre-orders (a great way to support authors you like!), reviews on Goodreads (or wherever you bought it), and, if you enjoy the book, just sharing that information with your social network, friends, etc. The main thing I want is for this book to reach the people who would enjoy it/connect with it. ✨
Buying the book (or gifting it to someone else)
Save all of your receipts in one place or write down your purchases.
Hello again! Here’s what I was up to this week…
Remember that journaling doesn’t need to involve writing a lot of feelings in full sentences.

Just telling friends/family/colleagues about the book

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