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the farmer’s daughter photography

The farmer's daughter photography

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— We are SOOOO ready to meet this little guy!
Sunday morning spiritual message from Pastor John Richter. We hope you are all doing well. Please feel free to watch and follow along with Pastor John’s sermon on this beautiful day.

Check out The Final Draft Films newest video of our sweet couple Justin & Jaclyn! We can’t wait for August!
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Hi Friends!
We are enjoying all of the baby snuggles while on maternity leave and planning some exciting things for this year! Our first mini session for the year will be Greenhouse Mini’s!
We are teaming up with Hobson Greenhouse to offer these beautiful sessions. Below you will find all of the information, and YES these are offered to families!
PLEASE keep that in mind before choosing your time slot.
— April 3rd <5:00 pm - 7:00 pm>
— April 4th <9:00 am - 12:00 pm>
— April 5th
With that being said, there is a lot that we miss about our normal daily life. What we miss most is all of our amazing clients. We can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, so we can capture your kids cute dimples, your families genuine love, and the spark between our beautiful couples. We look forward to seeing you all at your future session.

Calling all small business owners and supporters! Take a look guys. Are you, or do you know anyone that is need of more promotion in their small business to help keep the doors open? We are here. If we can help, we will. Getting through all of this unknown together is what community is all about. We will all come out stronger for it.
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Someone you know can most likely benefit from this.

The Farmer’s Daughter Photography Check out more information on my website! (109) 05/07/2020 The heart of your story will remain untouched, no matter

Oh London. The home of so many stories, and so much history. You did not disappoint.

Now, you may remember me mentioning that my sister Jordyn, my dear friend Clara, and I were heading on an epic road trip down to the Oregon coast in May. and we’re back! I’ll be sharing photos from our trip, a bit of our itinerary, as well as recommendations over the next couple of weeks, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Oh Scotland. Stunning landscapes of mountains and waterfalls, hearty bowls of homemade soup, castles, lochs, and legends. you are a treasure.

Hello friends! Are you ready for a new series? I hope so!
Jordyn and I were in London for one evening before out tour began, and then stayed for a few more nights once our tour was over. Definitely not enough time to explore everything we wanted to, but we gave it our best shot!
Exactly a month ago I was in Edmonton visiting a couple of my besties! You know that I truly love them a lot when I choose to take a vacation in Alberta during winter, instead of in Mexico by the beach. Ha!
Never before have I felt so at home somewhere so instantaneously. The Highlands especially, with their beauty and intriguing history, stole my heart. There was so much to see, taste, and explore, and the time we spent there was much too short.
Day 2 of our Oregon Coast road trip is finally here! It was such a wonderful day, full of quaint oceanside towns, and one of the most classic Oregon Coast features. Cannon Beach.

I’m finally sharing a few favorites from the UK trip that my sister Jordyn and I went on way back in late Summer. We had both always wanted to visit the UK (growing up reading Austen and devouring anything from the BBC will do that to a girl), and decided that a sister trip to celebrate both of us graduating university within the last two years was the way to go.

The farmer’s daughter photography Day 2 of our Oregon Coast road trip is finally here! It was such a wonderful day, full of quaint oceanside towns, and one of the most classic Oregon Coast