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thc bomb grow

Thc bomb grow

In some ways, the notorious name of this strain gives the impression that it is a delicate plant. Surprisingly, it is quite easy to handle. In fact, even newbies could nurture it all the way to an abundant harvest.

Soon after, the physical qualities start to dominate the body with increased relaxation, effectively eliminating muscular tension and weighing down the eyelids. Sleep eventually takes over as the high wears on, making this a great way to de-stress after a long day at work.
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When conditions are properly met, it can grow a short and bushy silhouette with strong, lateral branches that would require some space indoors. Flowering time should take about 7 to 9 weeks with a bountiful yield of 500 to 600 grams per plant.
The appeal of THC Bomb is as clear as day. Besides having a delightful aroma, it delivers what it promises: an impressive psychedelic trip that bursts in strong relaxing waves from head-to-toe.
This intensity of this strain is like a red, cautionary sign, especially to users with low-tolerance. While the adverse effects are not destructive, the discomfort can still disrupt the strain’s soothing potential.
THC Bomb shines best in the outdoors. The plant is ready for harvest in the first week of October. Its yield is a colossal 1000 grams plant.
It can thrive in either an indoor or outdoor setting. However, it does prefer a consistently warm temperature when planted in the garden or the backyard.

In using this strain, users may find it easy to spark fresh ideas as it ignites creative thinking. The explosiveness though could also induce trippy sensory effects. Some of these include time dilation or visual distortions. It should also be the perfect time to get lost in music as the auditory senses become psychedelic and seem amplified.

THC Bomb is everything the name suggests: with a devastating THC level, it delivers uplifting qualities followed by a profound relaxing bliss.