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thai gold for sale online

Thai gold for sale online

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Higher gold prices and the weaker US Dollar/Thai Baht exchange rate has increased the 96.5% gold chains and bracelets to $995.00 per Baht. We expect prices to continue to higher levels in the New Year.
The Corona Virus (Covid19) from China has brought the calamity we are now all witnessing from every corner of the world. Bewildered politicians, ever changing safety guidance and the threat of a 2nd wave of the virus as China opens it’s wet markets which leads me to believe these markets may have had nothing to do with it. The full extent of the global economic damage is incalculable right now.

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Since we are based in Thailand our overhead is relatively low . We are confident that we can offer the most competitive price for Thai Baht gold you will find on the Internet. Please consider us when deciding on your purchase of Thai Baht gold jewelry.
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You can attribute it to the failing US, Chinese trade talks, Iran, North Korea or many of the geopolitical events shaping our world today but the bottom line is.. GOLD is soaring and it’s time to climb aboard!

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Thai gold for sale online

If you’re planning to resell the gold, you do not get the workmanship fees back. But that’s just another reason why Thailand is a good place to buy gold, you don’t lose that much on those fees.

The gold trade is a big part of Thailand and everyday life for Thai people. It can also be a great place to buy and sell gold for foreigners. But there’s a lot to wrap your head around first.
Here’s a picture of the important information which is directly shown to you on the webpage.

Tax. VAT, or sales tax, in Thailand is not applied to sales of gold nuggets (ทองคำ). You can buy or sell freely without the taxman taking his cut, which would be 7% for other sales in Thailand and possibly more depending on the country.
Let me put that in terms you might understand better. The karat system of measuring gold purity is a level out of 24, where 24 karat is pure gold because 24/24 = 100%. Another example is that 18 karat gold would be 18/24 = 75% purity.
The price on the left is the buying price and the right is the selling price. The top row is for gold ingots and the bottom row for gold jewellery.
Thai gold sales operate at a standard 96.5% pure gold with the rest being metal alloy. Remember the website I linked to earlier? You can see a big 96.5% in the corner that indicates the gold purity.
Gold is a commodity and has a value that is the same worldwide. You won’t find any country selling gold for cheap as it would be easy for them to make more money by selling it somewhere else.

Selling gold outside of Thailand is possible but comes with no small amount of difficulty. Your gold has value anywhere, the issue with gold bought in Thailand is it does not follow the international standards of imprinting the gold with an Assay mark.

Ultimate Guide To Buying Gold In Thailand The streets of Yaowarat (Bangkok’s Chinatown) is gleaming with the gold of the many gold shops there. It gives the cool and historic neighbourhood a