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tara weed

Tara weed

2017 I started buying online and found this dispensary and was glad I did, I bought exclusively from them. Great service, prices and product. Last year to 18 months weird shit started happening, every once in a while you’d order and they’ed take your money and then zilch no emails, no phone calls, nothing. When you did get a hold of them and asked why they’d apologize and say they were broken into and some employees left but everything is ok now. Same story every time, done with these guys too undependable.

free delivery for oz +
New Jersey has made many positive changes since it’s new governor took office including the medical marijuana program which is in the midst of adding new qualifications to help more patients. If Gov. Phil Murphy has his way the medical marijuana .

For decades, cultivators have worked tirelessly to perfect the process of growing and harvesting marijuana. From finding the exact soil ph levels to timing the drying process down to the minute, growing weed has gradually become an art form. The days.
Canada’s new recreational cannabis market will be handled a little differently throughout each province. Ontario is one market that will handle all deliveries by mail meaning an influx for the Canadian postal system, but the different postal comp.
I was sceptical but placed order on Saturday and had my clones at my front door 630am Tuesday. Can’t ask for anymore then that and quality was top notch. Ordered 4 different strains and all were perfect. Will be using again. Good job GTA clones. I am spreading the word.
Do not waste your time ordering anything from this place. I placed an order over 6 hours ago and it still has not shown up and it’s 11:00pm? It closed over 2 hours ago? I even sent them another text asking what the eta is on my order after 3 hours and they tell me it’s on the way? yet here I sit 6 hours waiting and still nothing. They say they’re under new management ? this place is a joke and have no idea how to run a business I will be telling them to shove that stuff up their a** if it ever shows up here. Never had this issue before except for this crappy place. If I could give less stars I would there is to many places on weed maps to put up with this crap.STAY AWAY PEOPLE
During the recession in 2008 many cities were seeing a loss in jobs, homes and quality of life. These same problems were hitting the city of Smiths Falls, Ontario. The city closed down 3 factories including their Hershey’s factory which was the l.

The best buds, speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

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