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tangy strain

Tangy strain

The resulting flowers have become quite the fan favorite, winning every competition in which it has been entered. Most recently, the Tangie strain took first place for Seed Company Sativa at the 2013 Cannabis Cup.

DNA Genetics was founded in Amsterdam in 2003. Two breeders from California – Don and Aaron – moved to Amsterdam to escape the hectic, unsafe California cannabis scene.Realizing premier cannabis was hard to come by, …

“The Tangie strain took first place for Seed Company Sativa at the 2013 HIGHTIMES Cannabis Cup held in Amsterdam.”

Bred by Reserva Privada and the DNA Army, the Tangie strain of cannabis is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It was the result of crossing California Orange with a hybrid of the Skunk #1strain and was created as early 1995.

“I found myself to be much more creative and stress free when medicating with The Tangie strain.”

However, the team at DNA Genetics kept the Tangie behind closed doors for a number of years before a cultivator named Crockett presented them with a phenotype that blew them away. The strain grows tall and typically yields 450-550 grams per square meter. As such, DNA suggests that the Tangie cannabis strain be grown outdoors.
With that said, Buds and Roses Collective in Studio City also carries a phenotype of the Tangie strain that was acquired from DNA Genetics. They typically use veganic cultivation techniques when growing it, which seems to bring out the musky citrus aroma even more.
Consider this strain if you suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic stress, migraines, or a lack of appetite. It is particularly good option for those who medicate in the morning.

I came across this batch of the Tangie strain at VFL Collective in Burbank, CA. Its appearance didn’t blow me away. The flowers were small and compact. However, the classic aroma of the Tangie cannabis strain was obvious from the moment I cracked the jar.

The Tangie Cannabis Strain Is Unforgettable