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swiss cheese autoflower

Flowering time will take up to 84 days from seed to harvest, however she is well worth the wait. Yields of 250 – 350 g/m² can be expected, when grown closely together in a Sea of Green. THC levels will range between 15%-18% making her a fantastic choice for those will a lower tolerance, who enjoy an upbeat, crystal clear effect. This lady will bloom with an impressive resin profile and beautiful, compact nugs.

Strain Characteristics: Swiss Cheese Auto Feminized requires a little more skill and maintenance, than Swiss Cheese. Thanks to her Jock Horror auto influence, she can stretch considerable during flowering so those growing indoors may need to apply training such as L.S.T to keep her height maintained.
Germination rate 100% with 1 seed taking extra 48 hours. FFHF soil with FF trio and supplements. 600w hid at 18 hours during vegetation was uneventful and without defences or infestation at 27 day’s. Flowering for additional 60 days a total of 87 days from germination. Flowering 20/24 hours with additional 600w HPS at 65000 lux produced 81gm per plant. Flowering was uneventful with exception of one plant exhibiting minor magnesium deficiency. 3 distinct phenotypes however displaying the same genotype physical expressions as advertised in Nirvana’s description. Effect also as described by Nirvana. Overall good genetics, very easy grow with high uniform finish. Very tolerant of LST and good total weight finish. 2 weeks for delivery to USA.

Genetics: By crossing Swiss Cheese which made from Skunk #1, and Swiss Miss with Jock Horror Auto, the result is an autoflowering hybrid that likes to grow on the tall side. She reacts very well to training and can help limit the final height. Expect a complex terpene profile that will express the best of both parents.
Swiss Cheese Auto Feminized is a three way autoflowering hybrid, that produces epic, trichome rich, rock hard dense buds in 11-12 weeks from seed to harvest. Incredible flavours that are pungent, peppery, sweet with a tropical skunk funk. Best suited for more experienced growers, as she can grow quite tall indoors.
What makes this strain so great: An autoflowering version of the super reliable Swiss Cheese, that can be grown all year around with wonderful results. Ideal for beginner growers and those looking for the perfect day time smoke.
Swiss Cheese Auto Feminized flavours are a wild combination of fruity, tropical, sweet pepper with pungent overtones. Very complex and moorish, flavour chasers will go nuts for this strain, and her extracts are also top shelf. Medical patients may find this hybrid useful for improving clarity, motivation and feelings of depression, stress, nausea and sickness, stimulating appetite and improving overall well being.
By gary p. posted on 2020-05-04

Swiss Cheese was the first seeds I tried and I was very happy. The yield was fairly small the first time I grew them but after a little experience, wow! I let the last one grow an extra 2 weeks. Well worth it!

Swiss Cheese Description Swiss Cheese Auto Feminized is a three way autoflowering hybrid, that produces epic, trichome rich, rock hard dense buds in 11-12 weeks from seed to harvest.