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swift edibles

Swift edibles

Hot Sugar Dark Chocolates feature a potent cocoa flavor that successfully masks any hint of cannabis. The rich, oily cocoa flavor in these chocolates simply melts into your tastebuds with every bite! If you are looking for a cannabis edible that tastes more like gourmet chocolate and less like cannabis, give these dark chocolates a try.

Not sure where to get your hands on some delicious chocolate edibles? Check out our shop for a variety of cannabis-infused chocolate products sure to hit the spot. Here are just a few of our favorites for this valentine’s day!
Wave Edibles Monster Mint Cookie Chocolates are both delicious and invigorating! The cookies pack a refreshing splash of mint wrapped in delicious milk chocolate. These incredible cookies are hand-made, gluten-free, and made with locally sourced cream and butter!

Ingesting cannabis-infused foods and drinks is a whole different ride than smoking bud. Infused edibles tend to last longer, and tend to pack a bigger punch. Best of all, edibles are the perfect dosing option for the health-conscious cannabis consumer looking to avoid inhaling smoke or vapor!
Moreover, many people believe that the body high produced by edibles is stronger than when smoking or vaping. It is not uncommon to feel sensations of physical euphoria after ingesting a particularly strong edible, especially in the upper body.
These buttery-soft treats are made with fair trade sourced 54% dark chocolate and contain 5 mg of THC per piece. Coated with a layer of Swift’s signature dark chocolate, Swift’s Chocolate Covered Almonds have a satisfying crunch to each bite.
Ceres Dragon Balls are a unique cannabis treat! Instead of just sweetness, these chocolates are layered with a special ghost pepper blend, giving them a spicy hot kick. Want to spice things up a bit this valentine’s day? Try some of these!
Swift’s Dark Chocolate Truffles are simply a delicacy! These artisanal handcrafted truffles are wrapped in a dark chocolate shell and filled with delectable dark chocolate creme ganache. If you’re looking for a top-shelf dark chocolate edible, look no further than Swift’s!

Edibles produce a longer-lasting high because they take longer to be fully digested and processed by the body. Whereas the effects of smoking or vaping cannabis may last for between 2-3 hours, it can take between 6-8 hours for the effects of a cannabis edible to wear off.

Looking for a memorable valentine’s day present this year? Check out these delicious cannabis chocolate edibles available now!