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survival seed bank reviews

Survival seed bank reviews

$149 Family Pack (4 person)

30 varieties 55 000 seeds for 2 people
$249 Homestead Pack (8 people)

Review: Emergency Seed bank has superior packaging and best types of vegetable seed which can grow in all 11 zones across the country. Seeds are all natural and non hybrid, which means that you can collect seeds for use next year. Every Emergency seed bank contains some 23 varieties and more than 37.000 seeds. You can literally plant a 1-acre survival garden with it!
Review: They supply a great mix of Open pollinated Heirloom seeds which are adaptable to almost all climates found in North America. They do store the seeds in triple layer mylar, which has the best track record for seed storage. Their Seed Vault is made of PVC.
Quantity: 37.000 seeds
Quantity: 30,000 seeds
Seeds Packaging: Seed group is individually heat sealed in a triple-layered foil packet. These packs are placed into a can.

$139.99 for Deluxe Emergency Seed Bank (57 Varieties) with free shipping

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