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superior seed

Superior seed


Rutabagas (Winter Turnips, Swedes):
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  • Tomato, Cherry – Chadwick Cherry*NEW*
  • Tomato, Plum – Black Plum*IT’S BACK!*
  • Tomato, Paste – Orange Banana*IT’S BACK!*
  • Tomato – Manitoba Tomato

Squashes (Winter):


Superior Seed Producers is a collective of Thunder Bay area growers who promote saving & distribution of locally adapted, sustainably grown, open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds in Northwestern Ontario.

Superior seed

NEW. Donator F1 is a medium-early tomato. The fruits are big, beef type with over 300g. It is very tasty, meaty, medium firm. A hybrid for all times!

Delfina is an early pepper variety with uniformed,elongated fruits, high yielding, 15-20 cm long, with diameter 5-6 cm. Usual fruit weight is from 130-160 g, thickness of meat is 8 mm but produced indoors is 11 mm. Total yield is 50 t/ha.
Narandžasto uvo (Orange ear) is a variety of Slonovo Uvo with young green fruits, which turn into orange color. This variety is perfect for the Holland way of the marketing packaging “traffic light”. The fruits are have a high content of beta-carotene.

Zeleni rotund (Green rotund) is a tomato pepper variety with characteristic big and dark green color of fruits, with a mass of 150g. It gives good yield. The plant protects with its biomass the fruits.They are used for fresh consumption and industrial processing.
Perpetual strawberry which we offer is very fertil and disease resistent which flourishes in clusters throughout the season. The fruits arelarge, conical, beautifully painted, with red flesh, firm, crunchy and delicious. Sepals are bent towards the handle so that the fruit is easily harvested. They are suitable for transport. The average fruit weight is 15-20g
the woody and evergreen climbing vine that thrives in acid soils, pH from 4.2 to 5.2. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, anthocyanin and flavonoids. For 3 to 5 years it reaches its full rod, about 500 to 1300 g per plant per season. It will need two to three years before the young seedlings give first fruits but it will continuously bear fruit as long as the maintenance of the plant is good. The fruit is slightly pungent because of the high content of vitamins and antioxidants. Cranberry juice is a well known medicine for treatment of urinary tract infections.
Alisa F1 is an early hybrid with high yield potential. It is tolerant to stress factors and not sensitive on fruit rot. The fruits are 17-20 cm long and 7-8 cm wide, thick meat. Young fruits are light green, shiny and in botanical maturity dark red.
Three- way- crossed hybrid of sweet corn of standard quality. It has yellow grain of standard quality, which belongs to the group of middle-early hybrids of FAO 400. The technological maturity is after 80-85 days after seedling emergence. It has about 25% dry matter and about 4% sugar. The kernel is yellow and large. The corn cob is high from the bottom, 130 cm, large and has a length of 22-25 cm with 14-16 rows. It gives high and stable yields in different seasons.

Bergoldeta is a short variety of green bean. The pods are yellow, length 12 to 14 cm, with no strings and thickness of 8-9 mm. It is highly resistant to bacterial diseases and viruses, suitable for fresh consumption and processing.

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