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super sticky weed

Some people have told me when its hard to break apart and its sticky it is fire. Other people say delicate weed is the best. Which is the more potent or does it depend on the strain?

If you wan to estimate the quality of your herb by sight get yourself a 20-30x loupe magnifier and look at the density of trichomes
If it’s fire then it’s probably your lighter /s

The stickiness or dryness of bud is determined mostly by growing conditions and how the bud was stored before you received it. Neither are really a solid indicator of quality, you can have really good sticky weed or really shitty sticky weed, same goes for dryness.
Stickiness/dryness are not directly related to potency.
Depends why it’s sticking, if it’s cured perfectly then the bud should be dry and the trichomes should be sticky enough that you can feel the resin on your fingers. But that’s only related to curing, so super dry weed that crumbles apart can still get you super high if it was grown well. Best thing to look for is the number of trichomes, the more there are, generally the better the weed.
The potent weed I’ve had was really sticky 99% of the time and vice versa so it may be a good indicator but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s potent. Same goes with smell.
I find the stuff that’s really sticky and dense is usually the best.

Get 1 with a light and youll be able to see colors in your herb that you otherwise wouldnt

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Super sticky weed

Another way to wet it is by keeping an orange or lemon peel with the dry weed in an airtight container for a couple of days. It develops a citrusy flavor, so if you are okay with it, then that’s the easy way to make your own sticky weed. Then, there are some solutions that you can buy to carry on the process, which produces a top quality sticky weed but they are expensive.

These chemicals have several other benefits including appetite stimulation, inflammation reduction, reduce depression, and decrease nausea. Also, these chemicals don’t produce unwanted side effects and eliminate the negative effects of other medical drugs.
The best way to find sticky weed is by smell. It has a distinct fragrance because it is well-stored, well-cured, and not exposed to oxygen after it was plucked off the plant. Their moisture content is between 63 to 67 per cent, which gives it a moist texture, neither too wet nor too dry.

Marijuana or weed doesn’t need any introduction, whether you are a new consumer or an old faithful. You might have definitely heard your friends say that the weed they got is sticky-icky, which means it is super high quality. In simple terms, sticky weed is moist enough to turn your finger sticky on touching it.
Sticky weed has a rich green color, which indicates that it is of the best quality possible.
There are six different strains of cannabis resin, but the capitate-stalked variety is present in sticky weed, which produces the maximum euphoric effect. Along with resin, trichomes also produce cannabinoids and terpenes, which have proven to fight cancer cells by shrinking the tumours.
It is common to think that because sticky weed is a good weed, dry weed will be bad, but that’s not the case. Dry weed is for those who are on a budget. It produces more number of nugs and is mostly used to make pot brownies because they can be ground up easily. Flavor profile is quite similar. However, it burns faster and hotter compared to sticky weed.
A dry bud is a sticky bud that was kept to dry for too long, and its exposure to oxygen has led to the breakdown of resins. The biggest benefit of the dry bud is you get a larger quantity for the price you pay since they are lightweight (very low in moisture). Regular weed users, go for the dry variety because they have enough psychoactive chemicals to keep you going. They think about the quantity rather than the quality.

Some people even turn the dry weed into sticky weed by wetting it with a Q-tip and storing it in an airtight container. The cotton should never touch the weed. They follow the process for a couple of days until the trichomes are sticky and produce a certain amount of resin, cannabinoids, and terpenes. And in no time, dry weed will turn into luscious and green sticky weed.

If you are a new consumer, you’d be wondering what a sticky weed is? Is sticky weed good? We explain you the basics in this post.