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super skunk yield

Super Skunk is the embodiment of the best of both its Skunk and Afghani lineage. First, it takes users high up on a mountain. Then it makes sure that none falls off the edge.

A more troubling concern is that it can also cause some people to feel paranoid. Also, to a lesser extent, a few people may experience a heightened level of anxiousness.
One thing that Sensi Seeds like to mention is that it may be easier to cultivate Super Skunk than smoking it. Besides the effects, one of the things that the breeder prioritized while breeding this strain is making it durable and tolerant, which results in a more relaxed time cultivating it.

Even after releasing Shiva Skunk, the search for the right Afghani phenotype continued. Finally, three years since they released Shiva, the found and bred Super Skunk.
Released in 1990, Super Skunk is a strain specially perfected for avid Skunk users. Within the same year, it also won the Indica category of the High Times Cannabis Cup. Known for its aroma inherited from the original Skunk #1, it has more than proved itself and worthy of the illustrious predecessors.
For the uninitiated, the smell of a skunk may turn off people. About the only time that they come forward instead of turning away is when the scent of Super Skunk is in the air. Infused with a spicy and earthy flavor, the unique blend, in some ways, one up the original Skunk #1.
On the subject of marijuana, its medical benefits seem to be lost in the negative rap it received throughout the decades. On its recreational uses, granted that it is subjective, the fact is that cannabis can help people in a myriad of ways.
For instance, the ability of Super Skunk in uplifting the mood and making people feel happy or even euphoric significantly reduces stress. Add to that its relaxing Indica trait, then it is easy to understand why any remnants of stress are likely wiped away. It follows then that the strain can be useful for managing depression and other mental health disorders.

One thing that occurs when people feel relaxed and especially when not doing anything is to feel sleepy. It is a luxury that insomniacs do not have. People enduring pain can only wish they would fall asleep and for a brief moment, find comfort. Used in this manner, Super Skunk can help these people rest well and grant them their one wish – to sleep.

The ability of Super Skunk in uplifting the mood and making people feel happy or even euphoric significantly reduces stress.