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super glue strain review

The strain aids people who are clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Though some would say it’s not recommended at night, there are users who claim that it can help with insomnia.

The best solution for humidity is to maintain good airflow in the area. Make sure to dry the plants after it rains. You can improvise ventilation through the use of electric fans.
The super glue strain is not your nighttime buddy that could help you sleep. On the contrary, the strain will give you an energy boost that would last a while. Overall, the strain will provide you with a euphoric kick that would leave you happy and ecstatic.

On the other hand, the Afghani strain is an ancient cannabis strain that exists long before man discovered the potential of cannabis. The Afghani strain, being also the parent strain of the Northern Lights, originates from the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
However, take note that a common side effect of this strain is xerostomia, or known as “cottonmouth.” This condition an impairment of the salivary glands in which the glands don’t produce enough saliva in the mouth.

  • The prevalent terpenes of super glue are the following: Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Nerolidol, Humulene, and Limonene.
  • It gives a caramel-type of sweetness with hints of citrusy and piney taste profiles.
  • It has a faint earthy taste that blends well with the dominant sweet taste.

The appearance of this strain takes most of its attributes from its Indica parents. However, the flower of the super glue plant gives a rancid smell with hints of sour-sweet features. After grinding the herbs of this strain, the scent becomes spicy and wood-like.
The Northern Lights gives a moderate feeling of relaxation that could aid users to calm the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The Northern Light strain also finds its lineage with the Afghani Indica and the Thai sativa.

Users like the super glue strain for its potency. With the right amount of dosage, it can lull insomniacs to sleep. They find the strain as good for relaxation that would lead to the feeling of euphoria.

Heard of a cannabis variant named super glue strain? Well, it exists, and it begs you to try it. Want to know more? Read now.