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super cropping weed plants

I currently have 7 photoperiods & 1 auto flower
5 Cookie seeds – not from a breeder
1 Feminized Auto Flower Seed- Tangerine Dream
1 Clone – Black Jack
1 Clone – Mirage

I wanted to create a channel to connect with other growers, share my experience with growing weed indoors. I was always intimidated to grow cannabis. After finally doing the research and becoming inspired by other weed tubers, I decided I wanted to document my grow journey!
In todays legal cannabis grow, Watch me super crop my cannabis grow!! I officially Super Cropped my 9 week old Mirage clone! This will increase & Maximize my yield! It will also give my lower branches time to grow up for a more even canopy. Subscribe fore more updates!

Super cropping is said to prompt the plant to product more THC, which is its defense mechanism against threats. Marijuana plants are the only known plants to create Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, naturally.
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Lastly, as of right now, I do not have any other social media besides Youtube, stay tuned! 😉
I am only 2-3 weeks away from flipping to flower! Make sure you stay tuned! 🙂

Questions, tips & feedback is always welcome; however, please know that I will do what I want OKURR!? and will experiment no matter what the “rules” are.

In todays legal cannabis grow, Watch me super crop my cannabis grow!! I officially Super Cropped my 9 week old Mirage clone! This will increase & Maximize my…

Super cropping weed plants

Ok, so why does the cannabis plant produce THC, which causes major psychotropic effects?

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  1. Grab the branch and squeeze with firm pressure between your thumb and forefinger, as if you’re trying to crush the stem where you want it to bend. This helps “loosen” the joint you are about to make.
  2. Wiggle the stem between your fingers slowly back and forth for 10+ seconds while maintaining pressure, to loosen it up where you want it to bend.
  3. Continue wiggling until it feels like the inside of the stem has softened. The stem should feel pliable and loose at the joint you just made.
  4. Slowly and gently bend over stem towards the direction you want, and secure in place.

For a marijuana plant, creating the prized cannabinoid-laden buds (which are used to make seeds) is their life’s work.
This video demonstrates a grower squeezing the stem, then bending it over. This was a very young and flexible stem. For stiffer stems, you may need to wiggle back and forth for up to 60 seconds while squeezing/crushing the stem between your fingers, before it “loosens up” enough to bend without breaking the skin. Never force it! If it feels like it’s going to snap it probably will!
What is Super Cropping?
FINAL RESULT: More buds, more branches, and a shorter, more controlled and bushy plant. Perfect for closet, stealth grows.
If plant tries to straighten any branches, just tie them down (using Low-Stress Training techniques). Stems will easily give in to your will after being super cropped.

Cannabis is the only known plant that naturally creates THC (which, along with CBD and other cannabinoids, make these plants of particular interest to humans).

Super cropping is easy, free, and surprisingly effective at getting your current grow room to produce bigger yields in the exact same setup. Find out exactly what to do right here!