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super cropping techniques

Super cropping techniques

What You Need to Super Crop Marijuana:

  • Your fingers
  • A bit of growing experience
  • Something to tie down branches in place – plant twisty ties and regular zip ties both work great, or you can get creative! (just avoid anything “sharp” like string which can start to cut into your plant’s “skin” over time)
  • Duct tape (if you make a mistake)
  • The knowledge of what to do (jump to super crop tutorial)

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You know you’ve succeeded when the plant now appears somewhat ‘broken’ and now rests at a 90-degree angle where you bent it, and the branch stays down.
Super-cropping is best done during the vegetative stage, once the plant has grown many healthy branches and is growing vigorously, but before it is full into the flowering stage.
In the best case scenario, the stem remains at a permanent 90° angle, while the outside tissue stays intact. At this point you need to secure the stem back down or it will come up again injust a day or two.
While marijuana growers want to make sure that these plants survive until harvest, keeping them as absolutely healthy as possible in a 100% perfect environment without any special techniques won’t get you the best results.
So I’m going to let you in on a big secret to getting the biggest, best buds when growing marijuana…

Instead, the best buds are produced when you learn how to stress the plants in just the right way to increase yields and cannabinoid production.

Super cropping is easy, free, and surprisingly effective at getting your current grow room to produce bigger yields in the exact same setup. Find out exactly what to do right here!

To super crop your cannabis plants, you’re essentially aiming for a flat canopy at the top. Choose branches that are older, and pliable, and then simply squeeze and bend them, aiming to damage only the inner tissue of the plant.

XoXo Girly Ganja
I am only 2-3 weeks away from flipping to flower! Make sure you stay tuned! 🙂

I wanted to create a channel to connect with other growers, share my experience with growing weed indoors. I was always intimidated to grow cannabis. After finally doing the research and becoming inspired by other weed tubers, I decided I wanted to document my grow journey!
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Questions, tips & feedback is always welcome; however, please know that I will do what I want OKURR!? and will experiment no matter what the “rules” are.
AGE: 6 weeks from seed | Clones – 8 weeks

Super cropping is said to prompt the plant to product more THC, which is its defense mechanism against threats. Marijuana plants are the only known plants to create Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, naturally.
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In todays legal cannabis grow, Watch me super crop my cannabis grow!! I officially Super Cropped my 9 week old Mirage clone! This will increase & Maximize my…