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sunset sherbet review

The Sherbet strain is ideal for cultivation novices since it is very low maintenance. Resistant naturally to many common mildews and mold, orange sherbet weed produces great results even for beginner growers. If you’re an experienced cultivator, Sunset Sherbet strain is an excellent addition to bring more variety to your grow.

Sunset Sherbet has risen in popularity during the last few years thanks to its fabulous flavor and aroma. Its sweet yet earthy notes have been compared to berries, fruits or even a natural kind of bubblegum, all topped with tree-like overtones.
Official categorized as an indica-dominant hybrid, the Sunset Sherbet strain has a ratio of 85% indica to 15% sativa. The level of THC in the majority of Sunset Sherbet strains comes in at around 15%-19%. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a strong and potent high which lasts for hours.

Be aware that the Sherbet strain tends to have a lower yield – you can usually expect about 8oz per square meter if you’re growing indoors or 11oz per plant if you’re growing outdoors.
Both medicinal and recreational users will be pleased to learn that there are only minimal negative side-effects reported when using the Sunset Sherbet strain. Dry eyes and mouth are the most commonly reported problems. Both of these are manageable. Drinking lots of water before, during and after using and keeping moisturizing eye drops to hand can resolve both of these minor problems rapidly.
Rarely, some users report mild anxiety or paranoia during their use of orange sherbet weed, however it’s fairly unlikely to occur. Headaches are another occasionally reported side-effect, but they too are rare. For most users, dry eyes and cotton mouth are really the only two issues to be concerned about.
When using the Sherbet strain, it is recommended you start out with a small dose then build if when required. As it has a higher THC level, it’s important to take care to ensure the right level of high without experiencing any paranoia. For those who are using this strain to combat their physical ailments, it may be best used in a more potent form in order to allow its full effect to be felt. Sunset Sherbet concentrates and edibles are a good choice for some medicinal users, and cancer patients especially are advised to try edibles to minimize the chemicals entering their lungs due to smoking.
In appearance, this strain features classic marijuana buds, although, as you might guess from its name, it has some sunset shades too. Its sugar leaves can be neon green, yellow or rusty brown, while the pistils are bright orange and the crystalline trichomes make its nugs glisten under the light. With a medium height, Sunset Sherbet has bushy, thick stems which feature dense flowers.

You’ll need to grow the Sherbet strain in a Mediterranean-style, warm and shaded climate which should have daytime temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very simple for indoor growers to maintain, although monitoring humidity levels is vital. Orange sherbet strain is best grown in soil rather than using hydroponics, and it has a flowering period of about eight weeks. If you’re growing outdoors, harvesting will usually fall in late September or early October.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Snapshot Strain Name Sunset Sherbet Strain Other Common Names Orange Sherbet, Sherbet Weed THC Content 15% – 19% CBD Content 0.0% – 0.05% Origin / Lineage Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties Type Hybrid Genetics 85% Indica, 15% Sativa Aroma & Flavor Sherbet, Fruity, Berry, Sweet, Orange, Lemon

When you use this strain at night, you are sure to enjoy a thoughtful and dreamy mindset. A little dosage of this marijuana can go a long way. It can boost your social vibes, especially when you are going to have a social gathering.

Due to its strong parents, the Sunset Sherbet strain can induce coughing and sinus once smoked. It has a sweet, fresh berry, citrus, and delicious flavor without a bitter aftertaste. You can also notice the fruity yogurt and honey that will stay on your taste buds for a few minutes.
The Mycerene produces sedative, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, and pain relief properties. Scientists have also proven that this substance can reduce the size of tumors when it comes to cancer treatment.

The Sunset Sherbet strain (also known as Sunset Sherbert) is an Indica-dominant hybrid that contains 85% of Indica and 15% of Sativa. It is a crossbreed between the Girl Scout Cookies and the Pink Panties (Blackberry Kush). This strain originally came from the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
The Limonene can help your body kills the cancer-forming chemicals. It is also proven effective in bronchitis and weight loss.
It contains mood-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief properties. Additionally, it has 18 up to 23% of THC. It is suitable for people who want to stay high for hours.
The Beta-Pinene brings out the pine-like smell of cannabis. It can also counteract the effects of THC in the body.
The Alpha-Pinene has a strong scent of pine that contains a bunch of medicinal benefits. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, a bronchodilator, and memory-boost properties that several users love. It can fight those bacteria and fungi inside your body while protecting your respiratory tract. Therefore, it is also ideal for people with asthma.

The Sunset Sherbet strain has medium to large sizes of flowers. You can also notice its vibrant green leaves with rust-colored pistils. However, some phenotypes’ flowers contain hints of deep purple. Its sugar leaves have a rusty brown shade while its trichomes give the weed a silvery sheen.

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