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strong kush

Strong kush

It is not particularly prone to any plague or disease, making her suitable for beginners who wish to try one of the most sought-after genetics in the market. Her compact and heavy buds are completely coated in sparkling trichomes, offering high quality resin extractions with or without solvents.

Its effect, as strong as the taste, affects the body and mind simultaneously. Highly psychoactive yet relaxing, it could leave you lying on the sofa, or maybe you’d like to go out for a drink. what seems certain is that you won’t escape its incredible high!
Dinafem’s OG Kush morphology is typical of indica strains, which are shrubby plants that develop a large number of secondary branches. For this reason, it’s ideal for techniques such as SCROG and LST, although it also offers excellent results with Sea of Green (SOG), and is also a superb mother plant. Of average height and easy to grow, it rewards the grower with a yield of about 550g/m 2 , in just 55 days!

Dinafem wanted to offer their own version with a cross of two elite clones: Lemon Thai and Chemdawg.
Most sought-after genetics
Without a doubt, and leaving aside its powerful high, it’s the flavour and aroma what made OG Kush one of the most famous and sought-after genetics in the world. Remarkably strong and complex, it offers an incredible mix of citrus and diesel notes with an earthy background of wild fruits nuances.
If you ask a group of experts for their favourite strain, many of them would probably agree: OG Kush or any of its countless hybrids.
This plant will reach its full outdoor potential in mild climates and greenhouses, reaching 3 meters in height under optimal conditions. This strain is ready for harvest in mid-October, and produces 1.100g per plant and THC levels of 24%.

If there is a genetic line which has been more prominent than others during recent years, it’s without a doubt, OG Kush’s. Originally from California, this extraordinary plant soon stole the heart of users all over the world, until it was awarded the best strain in History by the prestigious High Times magazine.

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