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strawberry nuggets

Strawberry nuggets

Best grown: Indoor

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Strawberry nuggets transitions into her flowering cycle quickly so it’s imperitive that she gets a good start in the best environment. She develops thick white frost from early on and this frost builds and builds as she progresses.

Aroma level whilst growing – 7.5/10 High – Odour control a must.
She loves loves to bush and often will end up as wide or wider than she is tall. Strawberry nuggets does take some maintenance whilst growing to see the best results and yield. As a minimal we would recommend several spells of leaf tucking to encourage the inner shoots to get out of the traps and race away. Due to her thickness she isnt the easiest to train but it’s definitely possible.
Overall Mephisto rating – 9.5/10 – A firm favourite at the MG hq.
When we first developed 24 carat, whilst still in the regular stage there were 3 distinct phenotypes split by colour, a green (which later became the mainstay for 24 carat) pink, and purple.
The pink pheno held a delicate balance between potency and having an exotic edge to it, so we delved through our MG breeding stock to ressurect the pink regs to use to cross into the Sour Strawberry kush and begin working from there.
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Ease of grow – 6/10 – Plant management is often required to extract the best yields, being a shorter faster strain she can stunt if not given a good environment in the early growth stages.

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Light (kind and schedule):

Timber Grow Lights VL-2. On 24/7.
Lavender colored calyxes mixed with forest green and a sparkling coat of trichromes.

Relax, relax, relax. Grab a big bowl of buttered popcorn and a tall glass of ice cold lemonade. Kick your feet up and put on a flick, it’s time to chill. I love this strain. My new nighttime favorite. Narcotic and heavy but with the classic stoner mini perma-smile. Being a hybrid use consumer, she has fantastic medicinal qualities too, really taking the edge off my aches and pains. Athlete consumers will love the relief she gives muscle soreness. She’s an insomnia crusher as well. Overall, a lovely heavy indica I thoroughly recommend for night time use.
Easy. Seriously. Give her a good environment and plenty of light and she’ll just do her thing. The stems grow thick and strong, leaf tucking is your friend but I’d steer away from too much HST on this gal. ZERO larf. Big chunky nugs from top to bottom.
Strawberries. Not, if I close my eyes I might be able to talk myself into smelling strawberries. Unmistakable Strawberries. Mephisto dipped a skunk in gasoline then let it loose in a ripe strawberry patch. It’s fucking great.
From seed to harvest date: _78_days
Thick, dank and delicious. Sweet and musky. I often smoke way more then I should simply because strawberry Nuggets is delicious.


Combination of Advanced Nutrients, Recharge and GO CaMg+

SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Strawberry Nuggets Did it autoflower?: (Y/N) Yes. Soil/hydro: Sunshine mix #4 Nutes: Combination of Advanced…