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strawberry kush thc level

Strawberry kush thc level
Strawberry Kush weed has medium range THC levels. The levels tend to range from 18 to 23% with low CBD levels. This is a variety popular with recreational users who use the sweet smoke to increase enjoyment of activities like spending time with friends and family or watching a favorite show.
Strawberry Kush will relieve the symptoms of nausea from various causes including chemotherapy to treat cancer. The sweet taste will also stimulate appetite and make it possible to eat for those who have difficulty eating due to their health issues.
Finally, Strawberry Kush will make it easy to fall into a profound and peaceful slumber. Users describe being carried off into sleep as if by a loving caregiver. Strawberry Kush can be a powerful weapon against insomnia.
The strong relaxation properties make this variety good for sharing with friends for cookouts and other leisurely activities. You will be able to function enough to enjoy your favorite, less-active activities like watching movies or having discussions with your mates.
Indoors, Strawberry Cush will take 8 to 9 weeks until it is ready to be harvested. Strawberry Kush grown indoors will provide a yield of about eighteen oz. per square meter.
Strawberry Kush is named for it’s sweet, delicious flavor and smell. It tastes of strawberries, sweetness, candy, and citrus. This sweet flavor advertises the mellow high and relief that is to come. This is definitely a euphoric but balanced strain. It will get you where you want to be without knocking you off your feet. It will envelop you in a blanket of comfortable warmth of pain-free and anxiety-free healing.
Strawberry Kush is a frequent choice for chronic pains such as migraines, back pain, fibromyalgia, CFS, and shingles. Strawberry Kush has a mellow effect that will not overwhelm the user. It will fight chronic pain without making it impossible to function.
Outdoors, you can expect about 16 ounces per marijuana plant. Strawberry Kush will be ready for harvest in the middle of the month of October.
Strawberry Kush is a gorgeous plant with a short stature. It produces bountiful green leaves which stretch out from the center like welcoming arms. Dried and prepared, it forms a compact green nugget with orange hairs and frosty resins and trichomes throughout. A slightly purple hue can be induced through slightly cooler temperature exposure for a short period of time.
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