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straw seeds

Straw seeds

I hope the bottom layer of straw seeds will not be able to grow because it’s too far down under 6+ inches of compost and mulch and it won’t be able to set roots in the cardboard anytime soon. If they pop up I’ll deal with them when it happens.

Aloha guys and thanks for all the replies. I posted before and after pics so everyone can see my little project. I ended up raking off the top layer of straw and just throwing the mulch back on. It seemed easier than worrying about all the germination of the grain.
Hay is grass (or grasses, herbs etc.) cut when green and full of life and dried. It is rich in minerals, relatively low in carbon. It decomposes fast. Mountain meadows can be cut every year or two with little or no manure or fertiliser, the wild herbs and flowers thrive, but the yields can be pretty low this way. Some hay is grown at higher yields commercially with fertilisers. But IMO buying this kind of hay is effectively buying fertiliser. In composting terms, hay is “green”.

IMO the best use for hay is feeding animals in winter. I have seen animals going hungry after all the locally available hay was bought and used to mulch footpaths.
I called the feed store I originally got the straw from and they told me it was imported. This is all interesting as I’ve been told grains don’t do well in Hawaii.
Felt grain to be a labor intensive food. While it offers carbs you burn more growing it and bringing it to the table. My philosophy is if you can’t directly pick it and eat, it’s processed and I don’t want to mill seeds down and deal with recipes for breadmaking. Breadfruit grows on trees and offers great starch.
Well, not even a week later I see tons of what looked like grass and was in awe that my compost would have weed seeds in it. Then I started pulling them up and they were seeds from the straw on the top layer. The straw has tons of seeds in them.
I think I may take off the top layer and put the wood chip mulch back on, then for the very bottom straw under the compost I’ll just cut when I see them pop up.

I’m in Hawaii and I have no idea about straw and what it actually is but I got tons of it popping up now from my sheetmulch- no dig- laborless garden. I know now to never use anything with seeds but what can I do about all the future straw?

Lastly I threw mulch on top but the wood chunks were so big scared they would never decompose down so I scraped them off and threw more straw as the top cover. Now to never use anything with seeds but what can I do about all the future straw?.