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There are many components in marijuana that contribute to its analgesic effects. THC, for example, has been shown to significantly reduce pain in cancer patients by binding with pain-sensing receptors in the body.
Whether you want to relieve pain or lose weight, there is a marijuana strain that can help you. Check lab tests and consult your budtender to find the best options and create the best experience possible.
Sativa strains are especially popular for parties or social gatherings because they tend to evoke conversation. It is important to note, however, that high doses of many sativas, especially those with THC levels over 18 percent, may promote anxiety or paranoia in some individuals.
To find the best marijuana strains for sleep, you could therefore consult the most recent lab tests or rely on traditional go-to strains for sleep like Bubba Kush which features a sweet, earthy flavor and a powerful head and body high; BC God Bud which features a sweet yet musky flavor and a slow-starting, long-lasting body high and head buzz; White Rhino, known for its sweet flavor, high potency and intense high; and Granddaddy Purple, popular for its powerful full-body high and sweet, fruity flavor.
Lab tests can help determine if a product contains CBN and to which degree. Using a process known as High Performance Liquid Chromatography, licensed testing facilities can determine exactly how much of each cannabinoid is present in a product and will often indicate the results online.
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Some of the most popular marijuana strains for energy include Sour Diesel, known for its fast-acting cerebral high and tangy, diesel fuel flavor; Casey Jones noted for its uplifting, creative effects and sweet, earthy flavor; Golden Goat for its unbeatable tropical flavor and uplifting body high; and (my personal favorite) Lemon Skunk, known for its sociable high and sweet, tangy flavor.
Though some might prefer CBD-only products such as pills or patches in order to avoid an unwanted “high”, the best analgesic effects will typically come from strains that contain a variety of pain-relieving cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN and CBG) including White Widow which is known for its energetic, creative high and earthy flavor; Northern Lights for its sweet flavor and relaxing body high; Chemdawg for its intense head and body high and distinct diesel fuel flavor; and Godberry for its sweet flavor and immediate, long-lasting pain relief.
For marijuana strains that treat anxiety, look for strains like White Fire Alien OG, a lemony Indica hybrid known to relieve pain, stress and anxiety; Stardawg, a pine and diesel fuel-flavored hybrid that is both uplifting and euphoric; Juliet, a fruity Sativa-dominant hybrid that combats social phobia; and 303 OG, a spicy strain that both combats anxiety and promotes socialization and creativity.
Carefully consider the marijuana experience that you hope to have and base your strain choice accordingly. From energetic and creative highs with sativas to sleep-inducing, laid back highs with indicas, choose the strain for the experience you want.
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Keep in mind that there may be some overlap in the effects produced by different strains — i.e., a strain that is listed as a “sleep aid” might also be a great pain reliever.
Go into any dispensary and they will be able to assist you in finding the right type of marijuana product paired with the best marijuana strain to meet your needs. Below, we’ve compiled a guide of some popular

  • Super Silver Haze
  • Pineapple Express
  • Maui Wowie
  • Acapulco Gold

Marijuana’s well-known relaxing effects also make the green plant a popular choice to help with insomnia and sleep regulation.
There are two main different types of marijuana: sativa and indica. There are also many hybrid varieties of marijuana — that is, blends between the sativa and indica strains.
It would be impossible to list every marijuana strain in just one weed chart, but in this article, you will find a few of the most popular strains. We’ve sorted them below according to their various purposes and effects.
Here are a few different types of marijuana that can help with anxiety and/or depression.
Whether you are looking for relief from chronic pain, help with migraines, or just generalized pain relief, here are some strains that can help.
However, different strains of the plant are bred with varying levels of THC and CBD, producing slightly different effects on the user depending on which strain is being consumed. For this reason, certain strains may be more desirable than others when you are seeking treatment for specific medical conditions.
There are so many different types of marijuana that it can be hard to distinguish them. Here is your premier marijuana strain guide to help.