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stoney girl seeds

There is a Bar and Restaurant with specials. We will be hosting an Open House with our new on-site Dispensary; Stoney Only. Come take a look at a brand new dispensary and see our Cannabis Museum. Have something to eat and drink and visit our informational kiosk to find out how to grow, open a dispensary, and get products to get you going. Meet the Bernie Sanders 2016 team.

Soon you will have driving, site and event details posted on our web site. There are rumors that more than seeds will be available compliments of other local businesses. We will have kiosks with information and products.
Seed Giveaway Update – We have expanded the Party!

With only a few days left we thought we should give everyone an update. We are working hard to make sure were ready to greet you and that this will be a historic event.
Feather falls – Created at the base of a beautiful waterfall to commemorate the wonderful scenic Columbia Gorge. With all the water falls we have in Oregon its only natural.
Cassius –Huge and aggressive, taste like Apple Jack cereal. Named after our grandson this strain lives up to the Roman name and reputation while delivering that fresh fruit Hood River flavor. A Clackamas Classic.
Happy Girl –A very happy North West strain that will fill your yard with love and joy. One of three First Day of Issue release of a limited quantity strains that we created especially for this event. This strain was created for the happy tourist on the gateway to Mt. Hood territories. Have a nice trip.
Sugar Plum – 2003 1St Place Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards Winner, featured in Ed Rosenthal Growers Handbook, High Times and Skunk. Delivers 27% THC and 10% CBD.

Welcome to July 1, 2015 Stoney Girl Seed Giveaway Commemoration Celebration; now bigger than ever.

Seed Giveaway Update – We have expanded the Party! With only a few days left we thought we should give everyone an update. We are working hard to make…

Stoney girl seeds

We have no organization to join, or nothing for sale. We focus exclusively on our own projects and share our accomplishments. We offer free grow classes to qualified organizations. We support the Medical Marijuana Program and work well within the requirements. We are open to support any qualified organization. We already support many. We want to know about yours.

Spreading the Love of Growing

Stoney Girl Gardens is an accredited and acclaimed world class breeder. While others simply produce Hybrids, we only produce the finest True Breeder Quality seeds, acclimated for the North West.

We don’t just grow seeds, we produce true breeding strains. Stoney Girl Gardens has the largest seed bank reserves in the US. We are the only true breeder in the US and recognized worldwide by our breeding associates and top experts in the field. Stoney Girl Gardens has been commissioned to create or otherwise produce and preserve exotic and special strains for certain qualified clients. Some of these clients look to SGG to reproduce and preserve species that otherwise would become extinct due to lack of true breeding seed stock and methods. All of our seed stock is of the finest breeding quality, each seed specifically inspected and controlled for heredity and quality of genetics. This brings you the consistency of getting what you expect, with no surprises. It takes about 1 to 3 years for us to perfect a single true breeding strain under our program.
We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held every other weekend; visit the web site to register.
Stoney Girl Gardens is a World Class Breeder and Award Winner. Stoney Girl Gardens is continually creating true breeding strains such as Pit Bull, Crippled Rhino, Berkeley Blues, Oregon Pinot Noir, and Sugar Plum. Our Exclusive Signature Series breeds have twice won first place in the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards, and have been featured on full page articles in High Times. We are featured in the Big Book of Buds 4 due to arrive in 2010. Our girls have modeled with some of the world’s top clothing designers. We have been front page headlines in many newspapers. Our garden has been visited, viewed, photographed and qualified by many well known horticulturalists such as Ed Rosenthal. Our catalogs are featured in the famous Amsterdam coffee shops, and our strains sought after by professional seed companies. They are only available however to qualified Medical Marijuana candidates. This is a true North West Tradition.
Stoney Girl Gardens is a private group of patients and caregivers inspired by patients and dedicated to everyone in the Medical Marijuana Program. We believe in sharing our success and experience with qualified individuals. If you follow our advice exactly and use our strains we guarantee your results to be award winning.
Founded in 1999 by Jenifer Valley, a 4th stage cancer patient who is an avid activist and Medical Marijuana card holder, we are a philanthropic group. Our master breeder has been working in the field of genetic engineering since 1969.

Click here to like us on FaceBook and stay tuned. We are committed to serving our Oregon cannabis community with the highest quality and most amazing medicine that is sure to fulfill all your OMMP needs!

Stoney Girl Gardens Gardener . Educational Consultant . Alternative & Holistic Health About Founded in 1999 by Jenifer Valley, a 4th stage cancer patient who is an avid activist and Medical