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stoner personality traits

However, there is something about stoners that makes them extremely attractive. My theory is that their charm comes from the classicВ stoner facial expression: squinty eyes and an enormous smile that is impossible to resist. Be still, my heart.

The truth of the matter is that potheads constantly escape to a different world. It’s a damn cool place to visit, but it strays from reality.
Material things do not make a relationship successful. Yes, they are nice, but without sentiment, they are just objects. I was overjoyed when an ex-boyfriend made me an origami creation of my favorite childhood cartoon character for Christmas, and even more overjoyed when I ripped it up and threw it in a fire after we broke up.

They also will be the best hookup you ever have, and this is not just an assumption. You know how four out of five dentists recommend Trident? Well I would say four out of five times you hook up with a stoner, you will be as content as wannabe-hippies on April 20.
These smokin’ hot blazers are outgoing, laidback, creative and open-minded. They don’t mind being silly and they definitely don’t give a sh*t about what other people think about them. Letting good vibes and good times serve as their personal motto, stoner boys just wanna have fun. This is where you enter the picture.
This will be a historic moment in your life. It’ll be one for the books, and you will leave only wanting more. This feeling of absolute delight will come over you largely because stoners are giving individuals. If he smokes you out, you can guarantee the same generosity will be demonstrated in bed.
Granted, this is coming from a girl who partakes in Mike’s Hard Mondays, but it is true that you don’t want to constantly be under any influence when in a relationship.
Like any group of people, stoners come in all shapes and sizes. You can have the boy next door who lights up, the Calvin Klein model who keeps a joint in his briefs, or the archetypal long-haired, tie-dye clad smoker.

The illustrious stoner boy: a breed that must have been created by the Gods of sex and cannabis.

The illustrious stoner boy: a breed that must have been created by the Gods of sex and cannabis. Think about it: Guys are great, weed is phenomenal and when you combine the two, you get a better combination than Nutella and a spoon. Add sex into the…

Of course, there are potheads who fit into this category, but the reality is that there is great number of pot enthusiasts who have actual work habits and who have not fallen into this pretty corny generalization of cannabis users.

THC is proven to have an amazing effect on changing the way your mind works, because it speeds up the neurons (at least the speed they exchange information among themselves), and at the same time causes the release of joyous dopamine which makes us feel blissful and ecstatic.
This in favor increases the amount of contemplation that a typical stoner has, in comparison to your average non-stoner—even if they spent the exact same amount pondering on a specific idea the stoner’s mind is far more active.

Cannabis is proven to amplify thought processes and increase the amount of information that neurons share among each other.
The term pothead is mostly used to characterize the typical cartoonish stoner archetype who is constantly blazed, hungry, unorganized and is always retracing their steps trying to remember stuff.
Especially nowadays with the mighty power of the internet, we’re able to ascertain a much greater amount of concealed information than ever before (which of course we shouldn’t just swallow up), but it’s pretty hard to believe the major news channels and mainstream media now that it’s so apparent that they are controlled by a very small group of very wealthy people.
While we should take all information we receive with a certain dose of skepticism, stoners tend to take this concept to a whole new level.
This particular opinion comes as a result of my own personal experience (so I’m not saying that it’s absolutely true).

Cannabis often pushes individuals to have deep inspiring conversations (especially among close friends), that often lead to subtle personal breakthroughs which improve the overall character and viewpoints of the individual in question.

After spending most of my life enjoying the many benefits of cannabis, I realized that I share these 4 traits with my fellow potheads.