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steve seed

Steve seed

Me: Wow. This is insane to know.

This is the page telling you it.
I started the world, I had used world modifiers to make it an all-ocean world to try and survive.

But have you heard of Blue Steve?
Me: But I thought Red and Green Steve were evil.
Blue Steve: Thank you, remember though, if I am scaring a person, it’s going to be because I’m having fun, or they’re severely harming our virtual nature. We have millions of worlds but they will run out eventually, we need to preserve the ones we have now before they are all destroyed. On that note, I have to leave. Goodbye, Green, remember to tell my story!
I know this because of my encounter with him.
Blue Steve: Correct. Green Steve protects life, Red Steve protects fire, and I protect water.

Blue Steve: Because their barriers broke a long time ago, Notch is using power from ours to block the Forbidden Server.

Hello. My name is GREEN0704.