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stealth weed grow

Stealth weed grow

One of the most common reasons for cannabis grows being raided or stolen is because the cultivator has told someone about it. The best thing to do is never tell anyone where your grow is, or even better yet, that you are growing. Sure, you may trust your friends to not rat on you, but do you trust them not to tell their girlfriend/boyfriend? Things can quickly get out of hand as word spreads around. If you don’t tell anyone, then there should be no problem. Because let’s face it, as tempting as it is to brag, the stash is for you at the end of the day, so why even the need to tell others?

The natural world also provides natural predators to protect your plants from pests of all kinds. This is not usually the case in humid indoor environments. Protecting your plants is one big financial cost of indoor cultivation, along with the energy and maintenance required to sustain growth. With outdoor growing, much of the maintenance is provided for free by nature. The sunlight is entirely free. This will be especially helpful if you have a small garden or balcony, rather than farmland. There are even companion plants you can grow inexpensively to help disguise your cannabis crop. More on that subject later!
If you are growing away from your house, you also have to think about how suspicious you look. Trekking into the forest with a bag of compost under your arm is going to look pretty suspect. Even things like where you park your car when visiting an external site should be thought about. A car on a verge in the middle of nowhere could look odd, but by parking in the carpark with other cars, no one will think any different.

If you plan to grow in a thicket, a great idea can be to carve a small and discreet path into its centre, then hollow the centre out for a grow. This way you have a ring of obstructing bush around your entire plot. If it is a particularly dense thicket, then none will be able to see into the middle, and hopefully no one will notice the small path into it – you could even take measures to block and hide the path.
There is, after all, demand these days for more organic food and chemicals. “Organic” can be a loaded term, but the idea is produce products with less human interference. Growing cannabis outside will give it the sun’s unadulterated light, which cannot be precisely replicated indoors. That specific wavelength of light is what sustained landrace cannabis strains growing in the wild for millennia. Maybe it’s worth experiencing the effect of such evolutionary lineage. Try growing landrace strains; see how they compare to the booming market of cross-breeds.
Growing cannabis outdoors is exhilarating – just as nature intended. But for it to succeed, to need to keep it private and hidden. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to outdoor growing, especially guerrilla growing, is keeping your cannabis hidden. With careful planning, it is possible to go the extra mile, and minimise the risk of anyone ever laying eyes on your green beauties.
A rather novel way of disguising your cannabis is to pin the flowers of another plant to it. This way, should any casual onlooker see the plant, they probably won’t recognise it as cannabis. Sure, if they stop and take a harder look they may figure it out, but it can help stop people recognising it in passing. Also, bear in mind that pinned flowers will likely wilt and die after a couple of days, so you will need a constant supply from your garden.
Another great way of hiding cannabis is by growing it amongst other similar looking plants, or tall plants. You can even grow them under a tree canopy or in a thicket of bushes. Just remember that cannabis needs direct sunlight, so don’t completely cover it up!

Leaves of peppermint for example, can add camouflage and a subtle hint of mint to your bud. They can also be a crisp, refreshing addition to your food or mojitos. Savoury herbs like dill and basil will enhance many meals, and will also repel spiders, mites, and bugs from your cannabis. More vivid colours could adorn your crop, such as sunflower or lavender. Both flowers look beautiful, repel mice, and perhaps even enhance the aroma. In each case, you are helping to mask cannabis’ strong odour, so choose your companion plant wisely.

How To Hide Your Outdoor Grow Growing cannabis outdoors is exhilarating – just as nature intended. But for it to succeed, to need to keep it private and hidden. One of the biggest concerns when

Stealth weed grow

Low odor strains definitely aren’t fool-proof, but they can help make things easier! These are just a few examples of strains that are known to have a relatively low or neutral smell, but there are many others. Learn more about researching strains.

  • Move any growing equipment at night so you’re less likely to be seen. It’s also a really good idea to cover any growing equipment you’re transporting, for example in black trash bags. This way, no one can see exactly what it is you’re moving!
  • Be careful about what you throw in your trash. On the rare occasion that I do throw cannabis trash (like stems) in a trash can, I usually cover it in food trash or kitty litter so no one will want to go through it. Also, throwing away your cannabis-related trash on the day trash is picked up means there is minimal time for a snooping person to find your secret garbage.
  • Make sure nothing stands out. Pick a couple days to walk around your house at a few different times of the day to see if anything stands out as suspicious. Example of something suspicious: Super bright yellow light (HPS) coming from a window at 11:00pm. Learn how to make a stealthy exhaust system.
  • Be a good neighbor! A lot of people think of cannabis growers as criminals. When you continue to act like the intelligent, well-mannered, amicable person you are, your neighbors naturally become less suspicious!
  • Don’t look like a stereotypical stoner! There’s nothing wrong with wearing Rastafarian colors or pro-cannabis clothing, and it’s your right to dress and act as you wish. Just remember that police, nosy neighbors, and marijuana haters are more likely to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and harass a person based on their clothing…regardless of how unfair that is.

Learn from the best!

  • No smell – No one should be able to smell your grow or smell cannabis on you. This makes you an easy target for police and marijuana haters!
  • No sell – Statistically, people who are growing cannabis strictly for personal use deal with far less legal trouble than people who sell their cannabis. This even applies in places like Colorado where it’s legal within the state!
  • No tell – Having fewer people know about your grow reduces the chances of you getting busted by law enforcement or burglarized by thieves. I know it’s hard not to show off your awesome growing skills, but this one secret that needs to stay a secret! In fact, telling someone about your grow is the easiest way to get yourself in trouble one way or another.

There are a lot of ways to keep you and your grow safe, but this is the heart of it all.
There are benefits to both of these growing methods, but when it comes purely to stealth, indoor growing is the way to go. Indoors, you can completely control smell and sound, plus your plants are out of view. Outdoor growing has one potentially major problem that indoor growers are pretty much safe against…people wandering by! This is especially problematic when the plants are being grown on your property. Many outdoor growers have been busted by nosy neighbors, city/utility workers, or just bad weather(floods have revealed hidden outdoor grows, for example). If you can grow indoors, you’ll make yourself that much harder to find!
Technology and the way we communicate changes so rapidly these days, that many of us aren’t aware that we now do things that give away a lot of information about what we do. You don’t need to be a computer wizard, but these terms will definitely help you maintain your privacy in the digital age:
Monster cropping… advanced growth control… bud production secrets… and much, much more…

When buying any kind of electrical device, look up reviews on the product to make sure it runs quietly. A low-quality exhaust fan or air pump will cause people to be suspicious since they make lots of noise and typically run all day and night.

Let’s get into some tips for Stealth Growing – keeping your grow “under the radar” of other people.