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stealth outdoor grow box

Stealth outdoor grow box

You should be able to visit the spot at least once a week to tend to your plants.

A greenhouse can not only help keep plants warm in cool climates, they help obscure the plants. Some greenhouses are built opposite this one, with opaque sides and a clear top so sunlight comes from above yet plants can’t be seen from the sides.
Hide Plants from View

This plant does not have any buds to steal now, but thieves may take note of your plant and come back in the fall when they know it’s getting close to harvest time. Stay vigilant!
Camouflage your plants!

  • Choose a low odor strain for outdoors that stays small if you’re looking for something very stealthy. Auto-flowering strains can be a good choice because they’re easy to grow, won’t get very big, have a quick time-to-harvest and there are several stealthy looking and low-smell varieties that are suitable for growing outdoors. Auto Duck is an example of an auto-flowering strain that is great for outdoor stealth growing due to its smell (or lack thereof), growth patterns and quick time-to-harvest. Some examples of photoperiod strains that stay small and low-odor include Northern Lights, Papaya (smells tropical), Jock Horror, Ice (smells like jet fuel), and Blue Mystic. Smells are usually more intense when things get hot and humid.
  • Plant lots of other types of plants nearby, especially ones with bright and fragrant flowers. This will detract attention away from both the appearance and smell of a typical cannabis plant.

Even having a few plants nearby will make a big difference compared to growing the cannabis plant all by itself.

Consider the Cold

Stealth Ideas for Growing Weed Outdoors Always consider stealth when growing cannabis outdoors! Not only is law enforcement a consideration, it’s common for thieves to steal plants right before

Stealth outdoor grow box

What do you need to grow indoors?

What are some challenges of growing outdoors?
For those living in rainy climates (hello from Vancouver!) you may want to choose a strain that grows less densely, so as to avoid mould from the high humidity and constant rain.

Why grow outdoors?
You can only do one grow a year in this fashion. You will need to either source the rest of your supply from a legal retailer or from a home grow. When you put your plants outside, they are susceptible to pests and disease, such as spider mites and aphids, so you may want to consider the use of pesticides.
Any type of strain can be grown indoors. For beginners using Stealth Box we would recommend an indica strain, but that’s not to say that any type of strain can’t be grown in Stealth Box with a bit of experience!
Once again, the Canadian climate will impose restrictions on what types of cannabis you can grow. You will not want to choose a strain like Blueberry, which will grow much better in Mexico than here. There are several strains better suited to a colder climate such as:
The first consideration is that you may need an indoor growing set up anyway. Because of the short growing season, you may need to start your grow indoors and kick off your propagation and vegetation before the weather outside can sustain your plants.

You will not need to pay for lights during your grow cycle – the sun will take care of this for you! The legal limit in Canada is 4 plants so most Canadians will not be able to scale up a grow even if it is outside.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Growing As growers across Canada are trying out their green thumbs, we are heading into the first legal outdoor growing season in Canada. With that in mind, I’d like to