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stealth grow lights

What stands out the most about this 600 watt grow light is that it is capable of replacing a 1,000 watt HID or fluorescent system. This is due to the amazing efficiency levels that it runs at consistently. Almost 90% of all power that is sent to the light is used to produce visible light that your plants need to survive. That works out to around a 50% saving on energy! This kind of efficiency is precisely what LED lamps are quickly becoming famous for.
Stealth Grow isn’t the largest producer of LED grow lights, but they certainly know what they are doing. One look at the Stealth Grow LED 600 watt grow light shows a lot about how the function as a company and the kind of quality that they are capable of producing. It truly takes an in depth look to see everything that stands out about this grow light, so we’ll touch on the most important aspects of it when it comes to improving your grows and making sure that your harvests are larger than ever, as well as your profits.
One problem that many people run into is that many LED lights only use a couple of parts of the light spectrum. This Grow light uses multiple forms of light that can help keep your plants growing through both stages of growth and make sure that they have everything they need throughout the cycle. When you have friends that are constantly having to change lights or move their plants, you can easily see why you can benefit so much from this single feature.
Choosing the right LED grow light for your indoor grow can be the difference between success and massive failure, so don’t you want to be sure that you are making the right choice? For a lot of people, it is hard to tell the difference between many of the options that are out there, since they can often seem the same, with only minor differences. Every now and then, though, there are lights like Stealth Grow’s 600 watt full spectrum lamp that really change the way that people view their growing technology.
The price can seem like a great deal of money to spend on one grow light, and it is, but you can’t judge it on price alone. Some people simply can’t afford to spend this much at the start of their grow, but many dismiss it entirely even if they can afford it. After looking at every benefit that it would have on your grow, does it seem like it isn’t worth the investment? The power savings alone can more than make up for the increase in price compared to the HID systems that you might have been using in the past.
The HID systems you might have used in the past will last for around 20,000 hours. They also lose their efficiency long before that, so they technically don’t even last that long. This Stealth Grow lamp can last for 50,000-100,000 hours, however, giving you literally five times the growing potential compared to what you have used before. They also stay strong and efficient that entire time, something that no other grow light will be able to compete with on a regular basis.
The amount of money that you are spending on your grow can make it hard to actually earn a profit once you harvest. The fact that it is 50% more efficient than others means you will spend half the money on power bills, without ventilation systems you’ll save money on equipment and power even more, and with the larger harvests you’ll make more money than ever. Money is the root of growing indoors anyway, so wouldn’t you like to have more of it? You won’t have to struggle any longer with worrying about money and paying your bills.
Stealth Grow 600 Watt LED Grow Light
The working temperature of the HPS systems you’ve probably used in the past can be over 400 degrees in many cases. This means that you’ll have to work hard installing ventilation and cooling systems that can not only take up a lot of space, but cost you a lot of money in terms of electrical costs and equipment costs. In comparison, LED grow lights like this are often merely warm to the touch, even after being on for hours at a time. That incredible drop in temperature means that you will have healthier plants that stay cool year round and also have the ability to produce more buds than ever before.
One look at the Stealth Grow LED 600 watt grow light shows a lot about how the function as a company and the kind of quality that they are capable of producing.