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stealth grow box designs

Stealth grow box designs

These pictures were sent in by one of our readers who has taken a far more simple/easy approach to making a grow cabinet than G.D. Bud. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Next to the fan room is space for other more technical things. Here we find the ballast and command switching station.
Momentarily discouraged, I quickly scrapped the idea of a dedicated room filled to the brim. I began with getting clear about my intentions; I wanted to inconspicuously and autonomously produce my medicine. This was a much more respectable and realistic goal, and one that I could embrace.

Important: The opening for your intake hole should be about twice the size of your exhaust hole.
Make sure to click each one to see the full size picture.
Sirius: Google SketchUp can be pretty tough to use without training, especially if you’ve never used it and you just want to design one thing. Rest assured: some paper, a pencil, a little math, and careful planning will work just as well!
Use the following items to make a stealthy grow cabinet just like his:
My sights set, I loaded Google’s 3D rendering freeware, Google SketchUp, and got to work.

This had been a long-time dream of mine, and I fondly imagined my first harvest, curing my flowers to perfection, and collecting their resin for concentrates. I saw myself carefully journaling their progress, and eventually becoming an expert caretaker of myself and my marijuana garden.

See how one grower built his own stealthy grow cabinet (in pictures), then learn how to build your own!

Stealth grow box designs

The one ingredient of a super-stealthy grow setup that doesn’t come with any of these boxes is of course the seeds you’ll be growing.

Features Included:
The biggest potential giveaway is always going to to be visibility. If you’ve got limited space to grow Mary Jane indoors, you don’t want to have big, ugly grow tents sitting around for visitors to see or for passing neighbors to glimpse through your windows.

In fact, many weed growers say that they get about 30% higher yield with automated hydroponic grow box than with any other. Everything you need to grow the best weed in town is included in some of these more expensive boxes: air filters, nutrients, timers and growing medium.
Stealth growing is all about managing and minimizing six main potential giveaways:
All the equipment you’ll need has been put together carefully and correctly, all in one box, so that it’s safe, secure and convenient and runs efficiently. And best of all, everything’s included so that you can start growing immediately.

  • App integration allows complete control of your grow light timer and watering schedule
  • Seamlessly transition between different stages of growth from your smartphone or tablet
  • Add the WIFI GrowCam upgrade to check on your grow from anywhere in the world
  • Adjustable internal circulation fan for essential cross airflow distribution
  • Internal digital Hygrometer and Thermometer, to retain clean cabinet appearance while monitoring your grow environment
  • Anti-mold, reflective, removable, and adjustable panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness
  • Uses up to 20% less energy and operates more efficiently than other systems
  • Just one plug into your wall, configured for standard 110v grids
  • Secure key locking door protects your indoor garden

The Grow Box can be used for hydroponics or soil but no hydroponic unit included in the package price so you would need to purchase this separately. Hydroponic units are available from as little as $33.99.

In the beginning, if you are not all that experienced a grower, you may want to start out small. You will be astounded to see how big just four plants can get in this state-of-the-art stealth grow box.

Prefer to keep your grow on the down-low? Want a foolproof done-for-you setup? MaryJane Farmer finds the best stealth grow boxes.