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stash box weed

Stash box weed

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, we’re continuing to offer KEEP on a pre-order basis at an Early Bird price of $249 CAD (regular price $349 CAD). Estimated to ship in early Summer!

KEEP has been drawing media attention since its launch. Check our news section for coverage from TechCrunch, Forbes, The New York Times, Inc., Gizmodo, Digital Trends, Mashable, The Washington Post, yahoo!, calm collectiv, Benzinga and more. Read what the media is saying about Keep
KEEP was selected by CTA (Consumer Technology Association) as a 2020 CES Innovation Honoree for its product design and engineering. Check out the CES Innovation Awards.

Make sure you, and only you, can access your stash. With state-of-the-art facial recognition tech, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, KEEP lets you lock and unlock your stash with a look or touch of your phone—from anywhere in the world. KEEP also sends push alerts to your phone, in case anyone attempts to access or move the device. So you can keep your stash safe, and your stress levels down.
Award-winning design credentials
Smart inventory management
KEEP is the first home storage device expertly designed to store your stash in a smart, discreet, and secure manner – with your peace of mind, in mind.
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KEEP features a sleek monochromatic design, combining clean lines with modern aesthetics, and a backlit LED display showing the time and weather. But beyond simply looking beautiful, KEEP lets you store your stash in plain sight, while accenting any space

A Smart, Discreet, Secure Stash Box For Responsible Dads, Moms and Techies. The First Award Winning Cannabis Technology Stash Box Beautifully Designed For Sleek, Hip, Not-So-Serious Adults. KEEP It Responsibly, Not Hidden. Pre-Order Yours Today & Save $100.

Stash box weed

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This box also comes with a rolling tray and some rolling accessories. None of these are strictly necessary. But isn’t that kind of the definition of luxury?
Depending on the density of your herb, you can fit a quarter ounce to a half ounce of flower in this stainless steel container. You snap the latches to keep it airtight, which is great for maintaining climate-controlled freshness. It includes a Humidipak, for keeping contents fresh for longer periods of time.

The lid fits snugly without being too tight or too loose. You can flip it over and turn it into a rolling tray, too
This L’evated Weed Box Gift Set makes a great gift for a luxury cannabis consumer. It’s made from Western Red Cedar wood, which apparently smells amazing. So even though this box isn’t smell-proof like some other stash devices on this list, maybe the smell of your herb will be pleasantly mingled with the scent of freshly-milled cedar.
This item is similar to the sneaky hairbrush with the hidden stash container listed above. However, if you’re bald (or you have a shaved head), the hairbrush might seem suspicious to any law enforcement officer inspecting your belongings.
This Hair Brush with Secret Stash Container is a clever way to disguise your herb if you’re worried about law enforcement. It won’t fool a K9 unit, but most drug-sniffing dogs aren’t hounding after cannabis anymore. (In fact, many drug-sniffing dogs who were trained to sniff out marijuana are now being forced into early retirement, thanks to legalized weed.)
(Pro tip: A weed stash box also makes a great stoner gift.)

It’s also water-proof and smell-proof.

A weed box can help you keep your cannabis safe. The best weed boxes are smell-proof and shock absorbent. Discover the best weed stash box for your needs today.