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star killer

Star killer

After a series of unstable clones, Vader thought Subject 1138 “Starkiller” would be the one who succeeded where his precursors failed.

As Starkiller paused, Darth Vader emerged from within the facility. Quickly boarding the fighter, Starkiller lifted off and escaped Kamino, despite Vader’s brief attempt to telekinetically halt the fighter. Although he knew better than to believe he was free, Starkiller further gave in to his imprinted feelings by dedicating himself to finding Juno Eclipse. [6]
The major piece of evidence supporting Starkiller’s identity as a clone are the Distant Thunder cinematics unlocked through the challenge levels. These motion comic-style cinematics depict the training and development of the Dark Apprentice, and shows Vader displaying Galen Marek’s corpse to the clone. Interestingly, the body was dressed in Marek’s Sith training outfit rather than the Jedi Adventure Robes that Marek was wearing when he died, which may be a hint that the corpse may not be Galen Marek’s actual corpse. [13]

One of Starkiller’s most dangerous abilities was Force fury. Upon building up sufficient levels of Force energy, he would channel it through his body, heavily amplifying his already formidable abilities. His prowess with telekinesis would be boosted to the point where he could seize AT-STs and crush them, and then hurl the wreckage as a weapon, all with minimal effort. His blasts of Force lightning would instantly vaporize foes, and he was able to further amplify it with Tutaminis, even redirecting a lightning bolt into an offensive attack. Fury allowed the already powerful Starkiller to become a nigh unstoppable force of destruction, though its taxing nature meant that Starkiller could only draw on it sparingly. [1]
When the original Starkiller stormed the Death Star in a bid to rescue the captured Rebel Alliance leaders, Emperor Palpatine presented him with the opportunity of killing Darth Vader and replacing him as Palpatine’s Sith apprentice. While Starkiller refused, perishing in the ensuing battle with Palpatine to provide his friends the means to escape, Vader was at last made aware of Palpatine’s long standing desire to replace him with a more able apprentice. [4]
Ignoring Kota’s pleas to take Darth Vader alive as a prisoner for the Rebellion, Starkiller gave into his anger and hatred. As he moved to strike down his former Master, a red-bladed lightsaber emerged from the center of his torso. Shocked and overcome by agonizing pain, Starkiller dropped his lightsabers and fell to the ground in front of Vader. With Starkiller down and mortally wounded, his attacker de-cloaked, thus revealing that he had been secretly watching the duel the entire time. General Rahm Kota activated his lightsaber and tried to kill Vader’s savior, but his attempts were in vain. The dark assassin skillfully blocked all of Kota’s attacks and slashed the General across the chest with one swift strike. While the Terror Troopers dispatched several Rebel soldiers and PROXY, the assassin grabbed Kota with the Force and threw him into the remaining Rebels. With a powerful Force push, he sent General Kota and his remaining troops into the vast ocean of Kamino, where they drowned. [1]
As he prepared to face the true Darth Vader, Starkiller also found himself confronted by a veritable army of aberrant clones of Galen Marek, thus proving that Vader had not lied about creating other clones of Marek, as Starkiller had originally believed. As he fought his “brothers,” Starkiller could sense that all of the clones were virtually the same as him—not only because they possessed the same skills as him, albeit in varying degrees, but also because they had inherited the same Force potential and identity crisis as Starkiller. Faced with what were essentially alternate versions of himself and his template, Starkiller was forced to truly accept his identity as a clone in the face of this overwhelming proof. His aggressive counters against the clones were reluctant, as he felt they had just as much right to live as he. He killed them all with a powerful Force repulse, then quietly questioned Darth Vader; Why me? [6]
Starkiller proved able to utilize Force lightning in many unique ways, able to target multiple foes with overwhelming barrages. Like the original Galen Marek, Starkiller was able to chain lightning attacks into his lightsaber strikes, amplifying his melee attacks with sudden arcs of energy. He also used lightning in a more tactical manner, charging up or shorting out certain types of machinery. As with his telekinetic abilities, Starkiller’s lightning even had the potential to disintegrate targets. [1]

While unconscious, Starkiller remembered Galen Marek’s mother, and how she sacrificed herself to protect her family from Trandoshan slavers before Galen’s abduction by Vader. When he awoke on the Kaminoan battlefield, he tried to shrug it off and focus on the task at hand. As he was on the cloning facilities interior, he needed to find an entrance to allow the Rebel forces in. Making his way towards one of the Imperial hangar bays, he fought his way through dozens of Imperial troops, as well as clearing out a group of snipers harrying Rahm Kota and his squad. Rendezvousing with Kota, they broke into one of the Imperial command centers, hoping to use it to open the hangar doors, but the controls were destroyed by an Imperial bombing run. While Kota and his men looked for a security hub to prevent any more lock downs, Starkiller made his way to an alternate command center only to find the controls locked. Instead, he used telekinesis to wrench the doors open. [6]

"Starkiller," designation Subject 1138, was a clone of Galen Marek, a Force-sensitive Human male trained by the Sith Lord Darth Vader as his secret apprentice. After the death of Marek, Vader endeavored to create a more powerful and obedient version of his fallen disciple, using a cloning…