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star conflict destroyer farming

From my experience last night drop rate was about 1 in 10 on rock harvesting. Honestly there is probably going to be a lot of outcry to reduce the drop rate because you really need very little in comparison to the other materials. The material requirements for the finished components is kinda ungodly.
Spemt 6-7 hours in open space farming last night and this is what ive found.
Great, this confirms that I will probably not have a destroyer for a very long time, if ever. =(
Neodium can be found in Valuable Material rocks around asteroids in threat level 7+ space.Plates can drop from mysterious containers as well, assuming you have a scanner (gold module).
As for farming, I searched for two hours without finding anything
So what parts do you guys think is best to build destroyers with and where are you farming neodium?
I don’t want to build something terrible 🙁 edit: just realized you can swap modules now! how much does it cost?
costs 3 million apparently
Yeah. I have tons of Neodium left over and I’m only half-way through getting enough stuff to make the reactor components.
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Destroyer slow , Cargo is 12 , Open Space Enemy’s kill a Destroyer on short Time , better you have one or more Friend’s for Help.
Better you the Jaguar , you say have all for this Ship you better this.
Bad is for Rang 14 Jericho , 15 Millionen Credits x 2 Blueprints and Ship self 9 Millionen , and the Plattes to Build is 300’000 Credits x 60 on Electrum and 36 x 200’000 Credits on Berylium Plattes , and 36 x 100’000 Credits for Neodium Plattes.
Destroyer Slow Fly Forward , move left and Right slow.
I have a Rang 8 Destroyer on Imperial and Jericho , and Rang 11 Jericho , and i Farm Credits for Rang 14 Jericho.
Destroyer on Rang 11 and 14 is this others few Modules on Open Space and other Build on Blueprint’s , long to Farm Iridium to Open Boxes or high Price on GS on other Player Buy the Item Parts.
Jaguar is good Ship , for all , PvP and PvE and Open Space.
Destroyers are the most overrated and over-required ships in the game,
you spend months getting them and kit them out with full items, only to get instakilled by a single fighter . That’s Star Conflict for ya. The most costly ship in the game, instakilled by a single fighter that requires ZERO effort to get.
if you are new run like hell from this utter piece of crap, and toxic toxic devs, incompetent greedy bastards

Star conflict destroyer farming Destroyer slow , Cargo is 12 , Open Space Enemy’s kill a Destroyer on short Time , better you have one or more Friend’s for Help. Destroyer Slow Fly Forward ,