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stainless steel tobacco grinder

Stainless steel tobacco grinder

The Ripper, which launched this past 4/20, is available via the manufacturer’s website. A four-piece Ripper retails for $109, though it’s currently on sale for $99. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, consider the three-piece version (regularly $95, on sale for $80), which removes the middle chamber and kief screen. (Unpopular opinion: I don’t find kief catchers all that useful anyway.)

That doesn’t necessarily mean aluminum is the best choice, though. There are health issues to consider.
On the fence? I think you’ll get good use out of the Iaso grinder, but personally I’m more excited about version 2.0, which will hopefully see some kinks ironed out.

Grinding cannabis with the Ripper was a pleasure. Rotation is smooth, and it grinds flower to a consistent, fine texture. The 2-inch diameter is bit smaller than some mainstream grinders, but I found it worked fine for regular use and ends up saving some weight. If you grind a ton of cannabis all at once, you might want a bigger option.
Are there tradeoffs with stainless steel? Of course. It’s heavier and more expensive than aluminum. And because few manufacturers made grinders out of stainless steel, there are only a handful options to choose from. Luckily, that’s starting to change.
First, the plastic O-ring that fits between the lid and the rest of the grinder is unsecured and pops off almost every time I remove the lid. It’s not an essential piece, but it helps the grinder spin more smoothly, and it’s frustrating that a $130 grinder would have such a basic design flaw. The company assures me that the O-ring on the next version of the grinder will have a securely attached O-ring.
When I think about my kitchen, just about every metal utensil I use is made of stainless steel. The material is generally strong, long-lasting, and considered safe for food and other consumables. It’s also a breeze to clean up.
Where to Buy

From what I can tell, Iaso Goods might just be the first commercial manufacturer to deliver a 4-piece grinder made of stainless steel.

Aluminum cannabis grinders are the industry standard, but stainless steel may be safer for your herb. Read about stainless steel grinders and where you can find them.

Stainless steel tobacco grinder

Kannastör’s grinder is a mix-and-match marvel with extra storage options and an easy-to-remove screen. Best of all, it has two interchangeable grater plates so you can choose your coarseness. Made with hardened aluminum in a stylish, matte design, it’ll last you for ages.

You get into spoil-yourself territory with the Santa Cruz Schredder. Known for its unique tooth design, it churns out perfectly ground, fluffy weed into a canister sealed with extra-strong magnets. If black is too boring for you, choose one of 10 other color options.
Magic Flight’s grinder is part of its full Launch Box vape kit, fitting snugly over the opening of the vape so you can transfer freshly ground bud without a mess. If you’re looking for a beautifully carved wooden grinder that matches its vape, choose this one.

Mendo Mulcher makes some exceptional grinders—all out of aircraft-grade billet aluminum—but this one might be the most useful. At only 1.75 inches, it’s best for travel, and its extra-grippy construction ensures you won’t slip up while using it despite its small size. With only two pieces though, it doesn’t have a mesh filter.
The Kingtop grinder is nearly as big as the palm of your hand, great for when you have large amounts of bud and you don’t need to be discrete. Its four pieces include a magnetically sealed cap, a grinder, a mesh screen, and a catch tray, and its 45 teeth ensure smooth grinding.
Phoenician medical-grade grinders gets you a good, medium sheer on your weed—not too fine or too chunky. Better yet, their grippy sides and deep bowls are great for clumsier users, or users with arthritis.
For a more tactile option, get Aerospaced’s grinder. The hand crank operates a large set of blades, which chop up weed and filter it through a mesh screen. The clear lid allows you to monitor the entire operation.
It’s worth the investment.

While the iRainy and Kingtop grinders are made from zinc alloy, Masterdam is the cheapest grinder on this list made from hardier aluminium. Its teeth are different too: Their curved diamond shape grinds out super-fine dust. It’s a solid, inexpensive option for everyday use.

These 10 best weed grinders—most of them with four pieces to grind bud, sift pollen, and store the results properly—are available online and fit any budget.