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special kush

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Title : Sehr gute Qualität bei geringen Preis
Comment : Für wenig Geld erhält man ordentliche Buds sowohl vom Ertrag wie auch von der Qualität her.
Title : All good.
Comment : Bought these seeds due to unbelievable price! All have grown well. Excellent especially at this price!

Title : DK
Comment : Hallo, es ist schnell genug. Von den drei Samen besteht die Wurzel nur aus zwei Samen. Man musste rausschmeißen.
Title : Splendida
Comment : E la numero uno la raccomando a tutti
Title : 4/5
Comment : 4/5 haben gekeimt und wachsen gut. Preis/leistung einfach top
Title : 5/5
Comment : kommen alle sehr gut und 5 von5 sind gekommen
Title : Great for price!
Comment : Germination 5/5 seeds, little slower grow but still OK!

Title : perfect!
Comment : Mega stonend!

Find all reviews on Special Kush 1 at the Royal Queen Seeds website. Honest reviews from customers who bought this product.

We decided to resurrect one of these old school Kush strains by bringing it into the modern era with a feminized only seed. Special Kush is our lowest-price seed, perfect for the budget grower. If you’re looking for some decent smoke without the heavy price tag, Special Kush is perfect for you.

Title : Sans prétention a part celle de te coucher!!
Comment : Super plante, résistante au attaque nucléaire, elle veut vivre la petite. J’ai un pied mère de cette variété,Je lui ai fait a peut près tout ce qu’il ne faut pas faire a une plante de cannabis et malgré cela, il est toujours revenu d’entre les morts et a chaque fois de plus belle. Au niveau production c’est pas énorme mais c’est très correct, par contre au niveau gout je l’adore, elle est particulière, je suis pas très fort en description mais quand je la fume j’ai l’impression de fumer kaboul et au niveau effet c’est plutôt fort pour de la bheu badgé à 15%thc. En bref super herbe a cultivé, odeur terrible, je vais garder longtemps mon PM.
Title : Buono
Comment : Semi economici ma di buona qualità

Title : Fast and perfect delivery
Comment : Fast and perfect delivery. Hope to get yields from this seed soon!
It will be finished flowering in 8-10 weeks and can yield about 65-150 g per plant indoors, 475 g per square metre under a 600w light. Grown outdoors, it needs that warm environment such as can be found in Italy or North Africa. With enough sun, food and water, this tree can yield over 550 g per plant.
Kush is to Indica varieties what Haze means to Sativa. Much like skunk, kush is a term which can be used to describe a whole lineage of cannabis plants. We use the term Indica today to describe a type of plant which is found naturally (indigenous to) in the India Region. At that time all plants were called Cannabis Sativa, but there was something very different about these varieties which required discrimination into another category, named Indica due to the region where they were first discovered.
Special Kush likes to grow wild as if in the mountains of Afghanistan; this means it will fill up any space it can. Indoors, care should be taken that it doesn’t overgrow its space, but given enough space, like outdoors, it can grow to over 3 m tall.
Title : Graine de bonne qualité
Comment : Envoie rapide et discret, toute les graines ont germés. Merci Royal Queen Seeds

Although we now know that Indicas are indigenous to more countries than just India, not only has the term remained, but the pattern of naming weeds after the locations of their discovery has remained also. The first ever Kush weeds that appeared were named in homage to the Hindu Kush, a mountain region which stretches across from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

Special Kush 1, created by Royal Queen Seeds, is an indica-dominant cross that won’t disappoint. She’s heavy-hitting and prefers warm growing environments for best results.