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space cake effects

A general rule of thumb is: the more expensive, the stronger the weed. For inexperienced smokers a gram of weed will get you high about 6 times and you should be able to make at least 3 joints nice from a single gram. Ask for advice if you are not sure, these people are here to make sure everything is safe.

The THC levels in Dutch weed are normally higher than what you are used to. Dutch Nederweed contains about 15-18% THC, while foreign weed only contains about 7.5% THC. The THC level in hash is about 19%. So, ask for advice from the coffee shop about the type, strength and effect of the drugs. If you don’t know how strong it is, take a small puff from the joint and wait for 1-2 minutes to see the effect. Inhaling deeply is not needed for the THC to enter your lungs. The effects will last 2-4 hours.
The coffee shop menu is where you will find their offering. Since coffee shops are not allowed to advertise, you will generally not find any details posted on the door or even inside. Often the menu will be a laminated sheet of paper sitting on the bar, sometimes turned face down. If you don’t see a menu, just ask the person at the counter, and they’ll give you what you need.

The only place to safely buy marijuana or cannabis in the city is via one of the many Amsterdam coffee shops. You will find about 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam, so there is always one close to you.
When visiting a dance party, there is a big chance you’ll be searched for drugs, any amount of drug may be confiscated. Driving under the influence of drugs is not allowed, and is treated the same as drunk driving. In recent years, Amsterdam police have announced that they will also be cracking down on people cycling under the influence of soft drugs such as marijuana.
Like discos, coffee shops have a separate smoking area where you can smoke tobacco joints. Amsterdam also has a unique traffic sign: “Blowverbod” A sign prohibiting blowing, so if you see this, no smoking of hash or other drugs is allowed.
If you eat hash or weed (in a space cake /pot brownies for instance) it might take up to two hours to show any effect, do not take a second piece! The effects last 4-6 hours and the after effects up to 12 hours.
The use of any hard drugs such as cocaine, LSD, heroin, morphine or MDMA is strictly forbidden in all Amsterdam coffee shops. Usage will get you thrown out, probably banned and possibly prosecuted. Similarly, magic mushrooms (over 200 varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms), and qat (khat, mira) are banned in coffee shops.

Although coffee shops are not allowed to advertise, you will be able to identify them easily. Official Dutch coffee shops have a green and white licence sticker in the window. In order to enter a coffee shop, you must be 18 or over and have an ID. Coffee shops are not allowed to sell alcohol.

The only place to safely buy marijuana or cannabis in the city is via one of the many Amsterdam coffee shops. You will find about 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam, so there is always one close to

Space cake effects

With these so called “1:1 varieties” the levels of THC and CBD are broadly similar. The THC and CBD levels are often both around 5-12%. In a THC rich cannabis variety the THC can reach as high as 25-30% in extreme cases. That could be several times more THC than you would get from a low THC 1:1 variety.

  • Allow the cake to cool for 15-25 minutes in the tin, then tip the tin upside down on the wire cooling rack for 25 minutes to further cool down. Once cool, decorate with cream, icing or anything else you like! Start with a small slice and wait 2-3 hours for the effects to kick in!
  • You can buy space cake in places like Amsterdam, where it has been popular for decades. Or you may find it more reliable and cost effective to make your own from your home grown cannabis. Space cake connoisseurs will say the best way to make it is with your best quality buds. You can make seriously strong space cake! Others would argue that you should save your best buds for your vaporiser, and use your spare trimmings left over from harvest to make space cake. The choice is yours!

    As always, the most affordable way to produce top quality cannabis is to grow it yourself at home using either feminised cannabis seeds or autoflowering seeds. This allows you to grow cannabis easily. Your only costs are the cannabis seeds, nutrients and electricity.
    • 125g (1 ¾ cups) of flour
    Other varieties offer more of a balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Autoflowering seed varieties with a 1:1 ratio include CBD Auto Compassion Lime and CBD Auto White Widow. Feminised seed varieties are also available with a 1:1 ratio, including CBD Kush, CBD Skunk Haze and CBD Compassion.
    The strongest space cake and cannabis edibles are only recommended for those that are positive that their tolerance matches their ambition. When inexperienced cannabis users have some space cake which is too strong the result is often an unpleasant experience which can take a while to wear off.
    The top-3 THC rich varieties which we recommend for space cake include the following Dutch Passion cannabis seed varieties.

    Space cake is made like a normal cake, but with the addition of THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis.

    Read on if you want to find out how to make space cake. Learn the various techniques and methods used for making space cakes easily at home.