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space cake edible

The term “space cake” doesn’t correspond to a specific dosage or potency, so past positive experiences should never be used as a guiding metric for future consumption. In other words: just because you had an enjoyable, mellow time when you last dined on space cake, that doesn’t mean the same thing will happen the time you have some.

With this information in mind, space cakes should ideally be consumed in small doses and at times when consumers have no upcoming plans for a number of hours.

You don’t need a job at NASA to appreciate this popular baked good packed with pot.
In terms of the actual experience, the majority of the cannabis one ingests as an edible is converted from Delta-9-THC to 11-hydroxy-THC. The latter is notably potent, which partially explains why many equate the high from edibles as being stronger than the one achieved by smoking or vaporization. This process also explains why edible highs often take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to take hold, as well as why they last for far longer than smoking highs.
How Do I Make a Space Cake?
There are numerous recipes for space cake, both online and published in cookbooks. As the past several years have shown us, cannabis edibles are no longer rudimentary or lacking in flavor. Instead, a flair for culinary showmanship has taken the market by storm, leading to an endless array of new high-end foodstuffs geared towards getting you high.

What Should I Know Before Eating a Space Cake?

You don’t need a job at NASA to appreciate this popular baked good packed with pot.

Space cake edible

Grease your cake tin with fat or non-stick spray. Or you can line it with a non-stick baking paper. Then carefully pour your cake batter into the tin and spread evenly around the tin. Put it in the oven for 25 minutes to bake.

• 5-10 grams of cannabis buds.You can use the equivalent in trimmings, oil/hash etc.
Using any of Dutch Passion’s (non-CBD) feminised seeds or autoflower seeds will give you THC rich buds for your space cake. You can grow indoor seeds or outdoor seeds, you can grow cannabis seeds in a greenhouse, polytunnel or indoors. So long as the buds are grown from good quality cannabis seeds in reasonable conditions you can produce great quality space cake from them.

Space cake is made like a normal cake, but with the addition of THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis.
A good coffee shop will be able to advise you about the effects of their cake. Start slowly and build up. If you eat an excessively high-dose of space cake it may feel unpleasant and confusing. So if you can, start with small doses on different days and build up slowly. Try to avoid the unpleasant feeling of eating too much space cake, or other cannabis edible.
• 125g (1 ¾ cups) of flour
• 225g (1 cup) of unsalted butter
Other varieties offer more of a balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Autoflowering seed varieties with a 1:1 ratio include CBD Auto Compassion Lime and CBD Auto White Widow. Feminised seed varieties are also available with a 1:1 ratio, including CBD Kush, CBD Skunk Haze and CBD Compassion.

Lets consider a basic space cake recipe which uses say 10g of buds. A space cake made with 10g of buds from a 1:1 (THC:CBD) variety is likely to be less psycho active than a space cake made with 10g of premium buds from a variety with 25% THC. The base plant material, and the quantity of cannabinoids it contains, determines the final THC content and the final effects of your space cake. By varying the variety, and by varying the ratio/amount of bud/trim, you can experiment to find a space cake recipe which gives the perfect results for you!

Read on if you want to find out how to make space cake. Learn the various techniques and methods used for making space cakes easily at home.