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souvenir from usa

Souvenir from usa

Yeah, would you give it a go though? 😉

I loved all the list of items which we can purchase during our US trip. I have bought some NYC, Disney and NASA stuff when I did my US trip. Never knew about turquoise jewelry and Kachina doll as they seem to interest me more. Next time, I would look out for them. Thanks for sharing!
If you’re visiting New York, I recommend picking up a Yankees or Mets cap. Although Yankees caps are easy to buy around the world, a baseball cap from the Mets baseball team in Queens is a bit harder to find.

We always buy a lot, but some of it is clothes and shoes, so I don’t count it as souvenirs but yes lots of candy!
The US is one of the main places it’s mined but it’s also found in Egypt and Iran.
Thanks, grateful for you to pass it on for those who could find it helpful!
An authentic item, rather than a rip-off, tends to cost more (upwards of $20). That said, it’s easy to buy baseball hats with various team logos that are unlicensed for as little as $6-$15 in many US cities. You can tell if it’s authentic based on the holographic sticker that will say MLB. I’d recommend buying the licensed ones as they are more likely to last longer.

Barbecue sauce is a classic American condiment, predominant through the middle of the country. Several countries use the term barbecuing, meaning to grill outdoors, but true barbecue includes basting, smoking, and a special sauce. For visitors to the United States, barbecue is a must try cuisine, and a bottle of sauce makes an inexpensive souvenir.

I remember buying turquoise and silver jewellery from native American craftspeople when we visited during my teens. Still love it!

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA America (by which I mean the United States of America) is a shopper’s paradise, whether you head to one of its huge shopping malls and department stores,

Souvenir from usa

I hope that’ll give you some ideas – no doubt others will have better ones to suggest – it all depends what you consider ‘proper’ as a gift and whether it is available in a particular part of Italy – distribution of goods in Italy is not the same everywhere and certainly, the further south you go the less of the ‘international’ items you can buy easily, if at all.

hoping someone has some suggestions. traveling to sicily for first time to meet family. wanted to bring everyone a little something from usa. would have to be small, inexpensive, lightweight and hopefully something they do not have or have difficulty finding. approx. 15-20 women and 10-15 men, all ages. maybe just an idea for the women? please help if you have any ideas – thanks so much. [email protected] (brenda)
I’ve also found items boys and young men like – gimmicky things like a cartoon design full size face towel that is sold compressed and sort of ‘shrunk’ to the size of a camera film container when you buy it, that springs back to full size when put in a glass of water. The other things are quite mundane – and maybe don’t apply to the US – but the Italians who’ve been to England are addicted to ‘Heinz Baked Beans in tomato sauce’ – these cost about one UK pound per tin out there, if they can find them ! But they are heavy ! Same goes for Heinz salad cream. It’s strange, because while we were in Taormina last week, we saw a consignment of goods being delivered to one of the restaurants, and one of the boxes was marked ‘Heinz Mayonnaise’ . so it’s certainly imported for wholesale use – never seen in the supermarkets though !

English (I don’tknow about US brands) chocolate – because it’s different in flavour and texture (I like the Italian chocolate better – more cocoa solids and less vegetable fat and sugar – but there’s no accounting for taste !). One friend who lives in Turin – where all that lovely Nutella, and chocs with whole hazelnuts in the centre come from. insists on huge bars of Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate with whole hazel nuts from the UK – he says he likes the taste better than the home produced variety ! Anything to do with pictures of antique, or unusual cars is also good for the boys/men – again, gimmicky things – perhaps ties/cravats – t shirts. For little girls – tiny ‘make-up’ sets with good quality ingredients – because ‘real’ make-up is so expensive you never find anything for the little girls to play with either – also face-paints (I’m assuming you must have this sort of thing in the US !) for making children up with faces of wild animals or clowns etc. My daughter has a friend in Turin who likes collecting all kinds of ‘English tea’ – so different varieties (even supermarket ones !) and speciality teas are a great gift for her. You can get ‘tea’ in Italy – but, as the English find in bars and restaurants – it’s not the same blends in Italy as over here, even if they are exported by ‘English’ companies, and they don’t ‘taste quite right ‘ . .
In the UK we have good quality, inexpensive chain store and chain chemist’s own brands perfumed toiletries, but in Italy the ‘pharmacy’ is a ‘pharmacy’ and they don’t do toiletries as a general rule – those are sold exclusively by ‘profumerie’ which also sell costume jewellery and expensive perfume. Of course, these aren’t lightweight things – but you can bring a few. I buy little packaged gifts at Christmas time in the sales, (pretty toiletry bags with mini contents) and store them for gifts when I make trips.
It would have to be the better quality clothing items with ‘pretty’ wording for young children/babies. Pullovers are also welcome, winter clothing is very expensive too – must be real wool, though – they have their own acrylic and other fabric etc. factories in Italy. They love tartan – but now I’m looking at this from the UK traveller’s point of view – sorry – you’ll have to adapt some of this information . Recently, I was surprised to discover that the tartan rug in my car was actually made in Italy – but in acrylic fibres ! So anything of that sort would have to be real wool to take to Italy as a gift.
If you know the recipients of your gifts you’ll have a better idea what to get. Fabric items are the obvious thing, but one usually brings those back from Italy – so much prettier and less expensive than in the UK ! But – mundane as they seem – tea-towels, aprons, t-shirts, with English wording are appreciated (English lesson practice for the children). Likewise, children’s clothing in Italy is very pretty – but very expensive. So even t-shirts with English words are welcome, but certainly not ones featuring US film/cartoon characters, because they can get those cheaply in the markets. Your people are too successful at promoting those sort of sales !
I have found that my friends always pounce on any toiletries I have left over and leave behind with them before I leave for home – so now I always bring all sorts of simple, inexpensive mini bottles of beauty products, bath foam, body lotion or cream and perfumed soaps as gifts. Talcum powder is especially welcome, as I find there are only two types in the shops there and one is baby powder ! Perfumed soaps, beauty products and toiletries are obtainable in Italy / Sicily – but they are very expensive and sold in ‘profumerie’ as luxury items. The same goes for all kinds of ‘make-up’ . Ordinary deodorants are terribly expensive. I was sending my daughter ‘Lipcote lipstick sealer’ because she couldn’t get it in Turin, but she has found a supplier now – I don’t know if it’s available in Sicily. She still stocks up on six month’s supply of deodorants to take back to Italy when she comes home ! If you are in touch with your family out there – you could ask them in general conversation if they can get these products out there -just ‘as a matter of interest’ and then work out whether they might be suitable gifts to bring.

I hope you have a wonderful reunion with your Italian family ! Best wishes, Nolana

Answer 1 of 10: Hoping someone has some suggestions….traveling to sicily for first time to meet family. wanted to bring everyone a little something from usa. would have to be small, inexpensive, lightweight and hopefully something they do not have or have…