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sour og seeds

Sour og seeds

The wonderful trip starts off with an uplifting cerebral high. All the negative, draining vibe incurred throughout the day vanishes as the smoke floats away. With an overflowing sense of positivity, it can get one dancing even without a music playing. At the same time, tokers will feel energized, and to be productive will be their goal as the dusk gives way to the dark.

Giving off a sour and diesel-like aroma once broken, Sour OG’s buds boast of the plant’s power lineage well. After it is lit, its pungent smoke also reveals an earthy note that blends well with its fuel fragrance. Then, as the fume voyages inside the mouth, it gives a taste that is very similar to its scent but also richer. Of strong diesel flavor, hints of lemon and pine tone down its rather strong sapidity. Seasoned smokers and the less experienced alike love the essence of Sour OG.
A potent, high THC strain, this property that makes it a hit among tokers is also the cause of its side effects. As THC blocks the saliva-producing gland, cottonmouth is a usual offshoot of Sour OG. At the same time, this compound also causes a chain reaction that increases the blood flow to the eyes which, in turn, causes dry bloodshot peepers. As these discomforts are not serious, users often just overlook them. By staying well hydrated, though, the duo can be easily avoided.

With its sturdy branches, the flora is ready to dance with the wind as the sun shines on it. It prefers a warm Mediterranean-like climate, but can also thrive in northern areas. Start planting by early April to early June and harvest no later than October. In an optimal outdoor environment, the charmer can produce up to 700 grams per plant.
A true pharmaceutical star, Sour OG can manage pains and aches as well. It is popular with those struggling with migraines, PMS, and muscle spasms. It lets them function normally without agony. Some even use it as a daytime strain in very little dosage so they can work without the horror of sudden pains.
This joint is not the kind that gets users renovating the entire house. Although vigor boosting, its calming Indica tones down the hyperactive tendencies of Sativa. Not robust enough to cause a couch-lock, it allows activities that won’t need a lot of muscle. Chats over coffee with friends is always a great idea. So is cooking a delicious new recipe for the family. Also, don’t forget that the living room wall could use a nice painting.
A frosty beauty with a strong kerosine funk, veterans feel their mouth water after catching a whiff of it. As they turn around to find the source of the smell, a plant with Indica structure greets them. Its rich green foliage turns deep plum when exposed to cold temperatures. Meanwhile, its huge, dense colas bear nugs with plenty of trichomes and long orange hairs.
Sour OG is the marijuana to take during cocktail hours. The perfect toke to cap off a busy workday, it relieves one of all the worries about deadlines and deliverables. Under its influence, the sunset above the horizon looks almost magical. Welcoming the evening has never felt more relaxing too.

Loved for its well-balanced effects, Sour OG is a true half-and-half marijuana. It has an even Sativa and Indica volume that promotes an active yet calm kind of high. Paired with its potent THC capacity, it can guarantee a 1 to 3 hour-long cerebral journey. The joint is best for intermediate users or veterans who can handle its gentle yet intense waves.

Sour OG hits straight to the head with a blissful mind flight just before giving a soothing physical touch for a satisfying, well-balanced experience.